X4: Foundations – Became Pirate Beginner Guide

Please note: all credit goes to HTF Games Studio!

Don’t like to make factories and in general sim games? In this case, you have the spirit of a pirate. This game is slightly confusing and requires a lot of knowledge to allow you to start a game and avoid completely factory building. But thanks to this guide after a few hours you will be the perfect pirate in the game.

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Pirate Life is Difficult: Learn How to Start it Correctly

The pirate life can be bad if you start this activity without proper preparation. Before the start, you need to get access to the research in order to been able to use teleport and learn to modify your ships. In order to achieve this, you have to finish the main quest scientific expedition with the guide you can find here:

Following this tutorial, you will unlock the research and also capture your 1st capital fighter ship that will help you to start fighting any enemy you need to. Instead of selling it you can equip it better and start to capture your 1st ships.

In order to capture ships you need to learn how to do so about this you can find a more detailed guide here:

Once you start capturing interesting ships and your fleet start grow well you will need to learn how to hire, manage and fire your crew in order to move members you need before selling some ships you don’t need. About this, you can find a more detailed guide here:

Attack any capital ship in a sector that belongs to some factions will make you lose reputation that is not a good thing this is why I highly raccomand to do these operations in neutral sectors that you can find by exploring the map. In case you want to speed up the exploration process, I highly raccomand to use the tips and tricks for this activity explained in this video:

Also if you want to find all sectors in the game that will help you choose better where start to be a pirate you can consult this guide:

Once you found some neutral sectors you can start finally your piracy on huge capital ships without any consequences but you can also build a base just like support to dock some ships and also claim the sector with the guide you will find here:

Once you captured several transporters instead of using them to trade you can use them to start stealing some valuable goods from the stations. But to do so you need to hack some terminals for this purpose you need to learn them all about this topic you can find the guide here:

Hacking requiring two specific illegal hacking items that you can collect from data vaults about with you can find a guide here:

Also, in the game, there are 28 of these precious structures with the location you can find using this guide:

You can acquire these hacking tools from the black market as well as how also it’s crafting components. But to do so you need to unlock the black market and to learn how to check this guide:

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