Tarisland – Can’t Claim Pre-Reg Reward or CBT Rebate

Can’t Claim Pre-Reg Reward Issue [Solved]

If you can’t find your character on the claim website, this could be due to a few reasons.

  • You haven’t created a character yet, OR you haven’t completed the tutorial/intro quest line with one character yet.

Which is most likely what’s happened to a lot of users is:

  • You created an LI pass with a Gmail email address to login to the website to pre-register/take part in the previous Beta
  • When you logged into the game, you chose Google login. What this did is actually create a BRAND NEW LI Pass account based on your Google login
  • So, now you basically have 2 different LI Pass accounts
  • To login to the correct LI Pass account that you pre-registered/took part in the previous Beta, when you logged into the game, you need to select get code to login. But this means you will have to start your character from scratch since its on a different account.


There is a solution!

Login to Launcher > Upper right > Click on your name > Bind account > Then add +1 on your email like below:

[email protected] > [email protected]

Note: +1 will create an alternative LI account.

Now, login using the email with +1 on it thru the website. Code will still be sent to your email address without the +1. Then claim your reward!

Link to create a LI account and/or set a password:


Link to redeem your rewards:


I hope you found this helpful!

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