Tarisland – Game Stats Explained

Explanation of Game Stats

  • Health – Max Character Health Points.
  • Dexterity – Dexterity affects a small amount of Attack and Cooldown.
  • Intelligence – Intelligence affects a small amount of Attack and Resonance.
  • Strength – Strength affects a small amount of Attack.
  • Stamina – Stamina affects Health Points and Healthy Recover.
  • Attack – Attack afects your DMG, converted proportionally into healing (higher attk = higher heal).
  • Physical DEF – Reduces the Physical damage you take.
  • Magic DEF – Reduces the Magic damage you take.
  • Focus – Ignores the targets Dual defence (physical/magic DEF).
  • Glancing Effect – Affects extra damage reduction after glancing.
  • Glancing Chance – It’s the % chance you have of triggering Glancing when attacked.
  • Reflect DMG – % of DMG reflected back to the attacker after Glancing.
  • Dodge – % chance of avoiding with enemy attack.
  • Hit – Makes it more likely to hit an enemy directly countering dodge (check dungeon screen for suggested hit rate).
  • Specialization – Converts into your optimal stat based on your specialization choice. Crit or combo.
  • Crit Chance – This number determines how often you crit. Damage & Healing abilities can crit at 150% normal power by default.
  • Crit DMG – Default DMG/Heal boost is 150%. Raising this skills raises that 150%.
  • Combo (Chance) – Chance to deal an extra attack/heal. Power of extra hit is boosted by Combo DMG.
  • Combo DMG – Raises the power of your additional attacks/heals from combo (base 150%).
  • Resilience – Resilience reduces the targets crit and combo chance.
  • Omni – Omni increases your final DMG dealt. Omni can be converted into damage immunity/effect bonus depending on the role.
  • Cooldown – Reduces the cooldown, cast time and global cooldown of a players skills (higher cd = clicking buttons faster).
  • Resonance – Affects how faster you obtain inscrubed stone energy and how powerful your inscribed stone ability will be.
  • Precision – Reduces the chances of a target triggering their glancing effect.
  • Effect Bonus – Provides a bonus to your final DMG or final healing effect.
  • Damage Immunity Rate – Damage immunity attribute provides a final reducation of DMG you are taking.
  • Hastes Effect – Affects the release speed of base attack. Affects the casting speed of chant/chanel skills. Affects global cd of skills.
  • Energy Saving Rate – Affects the probability that a character will not enter the cooldown when releasing a skill.
  • Health Stealing Effect – Affects the ratio of hp drained when attacking the target.
  • Activation Effect – Affects DMG bonus for the target healed.
  • Move Speed – Affects move speed of your character.
  • Health Recovery – Health recovery rate every 5 seconds while you are not in battle.

Here is a video showing every in game stat:

That’s all! I really appreciate it if you’ve made it this far. See you in the game!

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