Tarisland – Forest Altar Dungeon Guide (Challenge Mode)

How to Complete the Forest Altar Dungeon

By Varietymmos.

Boss #1: Thorny Princess

Thorny Princess is the first fight in forest alter. I suggest full single target damage build for this boss.

A bee will spawn and fly towards a flower. You weaken it as it flies to flowers and finish it after it feeds.

Basic AOE. Dodge it.

Huge AOE. Do bee and you’ll be fine.

AOE damage + DOT. Only really relevant to healers.

After bee spawns someone will be targeted with this ability. Stack near the bee and kill the bee at the same time.

Boss #2: Created Mushroom Bear

Bear is second boss and a hard dps check. After 3 electric towers are used bear enrages after enrage tank drops fast so that’s the dps check.

The best method for this boss is to plant the bears butt on the tower and face him towards the outside of arena away from the dps. have a dps touch electric tower.

Unavoidable. Just tank it.

Can’t do anything as tank others gotta dodge it.

If bears butt is on tower facing outside of area only the tank has to dodge it and it will not wreck tower.

Ads. Kill them.

This is dps check. Use all buffs to delay death.

I think this tranlsation is broken. He throws a bomb of damage at a player.

Boss #3: Lightning Druid

Straight forward if you know the strat. New players will struggle. Challenge mechanics can make this difficult if unlucky.

Start of battle does 1 AOE. When he is enhanced with electric its 3x per player. Careful!

This Is an Important Mechanic!

When he does this mechanic it very clearly tells you with a cast bar and animation.

Important: Use your dash just before the cast ends. It makes getting through maze easier!

This is what the maze looks like. You can jump over the purple things moving in maze but be careful it can bug and push you out. Avoid if you can. On challenge mode the challenge mechanics can make this difficult to say the least.

This is what happens after maze timer ends. Never die to this:

If you’re outside the middle circle you die. Simple as that.

It’s basically just dotting people. Healer concern.

Pretty straight forward. See green dodge.

The hardest part about this boss is the portals. Make sure to grab portals at 27 stacks and asap after.

I sincerely hope this was helpful. Good luck to you!

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