Valheim – Secret Fire Sword (10 000 Damage)

Bronze, iron, silver, black metal, do you think these are all the swords that the developers gave us? What about a burning sword or a sword that kills in one hit? Welcome to the guide, let’s take a closer look…

Characteristics of Swords

How to Get a Sword?

At the moment, there is no honest opportunity to craft or obtain these swords.

But it is still possible to become the owner of such swords. We’ll have to resort to console commands.

Step 1: Open the console with the F5 key.

Step 2: Activate the cheat mode by entering the command imacheater and pressing Enter

Step 3: Let’s spawn the sword we need:

  • For a fiery sword, enter the spawn SwordIronFire 1 command.
  • For the cheat sword command spawn SwordCheat 1.
  • Press Enter.

Step 4: Deactivate the cheat mode by entering the imacheater command and pressing Enter

This is how it will look in the console:

Be careful, you may lose interest in the game. It is recommended to use it only after completing the game.

The Fate of Swords

If everything is very clear with the cheat sword, under no circumstances will it be crafted and added for entertainment, or testing, by the developers, of any aspects of the game.

And what about the fiery sword? The sword has a level of pumping, like other ordinary swords, and also has its own cost:

Crafting Materials / Quantity

  • Fine Wood – 2
  • Flametal – 20
  • Surtling Core – 20
  • Leather Scraps – 3

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