Loop Hero – Necromancer Tips

Tips to Players That Choose Necromancer

Forests & Thickets

Forests and Thickets are, without a doubt, completely busted on Necromancer.

Every Forest gives you 1% Attack Speed. Every Thicket gives you 2%. More Attack Speed means faster summoning times for skeletons, which means more skeletons faster, and more skeletons faster means… more skeletons faster. It’s not rocket science.

Enter: The Ancestral Crypt and A Village? Tiles

The Crypt gives you bonus Max HP for every creature with a soul you kill, but removes Max HP gained from armor. But the Necromancer doesn’t get Max HP from armor, and the Magic HP you get from amulets is completely unaffected.

A Village? appears for every 10 Forest/Thicket tiles you place, and creates Training Dummies. Training Dummies don’t attack unless attacked. This means that unless your Hero is swinging at them after reaching your Skeleton cap, they can’t damage your Hero. This means free XP and items, especially when combined with Battlefields, which on later chapters create chests with greater rewards per enemy on the tile.

Additionally, placing Wheat next to A Village? immediately turns that wheat into an overgrown field, no Oblivion necessary. This fills every empty space on the tile with “Field of Blades” when initiating combat on the tile. Do you want to know what property Field of Blades has? “Has A Soul”. They’re not particularly dangerous past their first attack, and can easily be farmed for Max HP.

Some Useful Tips

If you’re running lots of Thickets and Forests, items that increase the amount of skeletons you can have are exponentially more powerful. The more skeletons you can have out at once, the less of a chance you have to waste time spent summoning on a pitiful melee attack when your skeletons go up in smoke before their “spaces” get cleared, and the faster you can fill gaps in your army of fiends. My stat priority for stats unique to the Necro is as follows:

  • Skeleton Level
  • Max Skeletons
  • Summon Quality

…but don’t completely dump Summon Quality, as it’s extremely useful. I recommend at least one of your items has the Summon Quality stat, even if it means dumping Max Skeletons.

Rings that only increase your Max Skeletons are practically worthless, as they don’t scale with level.

the “Horde” trait and the “Lightning Fast” trait are among the most powerful traits you can take at any given stage in the game. “Field Practice” and “Unseen Care” are great as well, as long as you get them early on. “Residual Heat” is good once you have a lot of skeletons on the field.

If you plan on using the Ancestral Crypt, you can remove Rocks/Mountains from your deck, as Goblins/Harpies will give you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Oblivion those bandit camps. They are run killers.

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