Rust – How to Defeat Bradley (Tank) APC for Beginners

Hello everyone i wanted to create a guide to help new player out with the tank or Bradley that is located at the Launch Site!

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(Beware) please dont go into the Launch Site with out many clothes on you will get raidiation poisoning and possibly die so please do be careful!

For a decent chance of defeating Bradley you will need to have atleast Road Sign Armour (E.G), Coffee Bean Helmet, Road Sign Chestplate/Jacket and Road Sign Kilt/Pants. To increase more chance of taking down Bradley you might want to get some friends to help you!

Rust - How to Defeat Bradley (Tank) APC for Beginners

Taking The Tank Down!

To achieve Completion of taking the tank down you need to use money to make money, basically saying you might want to use your best weapons to better ones. Preferably use atleast 12 direct rocket shots on the Tank to take him down or 4 – 6 C4 to blow him to bits and rifle fire is all way good 🙂

Rust - How to Defeat Bradley (Tank) APC for Beginners


This is the final part of the Guide!, Bradley is a tough enemy and doesnt mind blowing up some noobs and dont forget to have a sleeping bag near or around the area of the site so you can get back into the action!

So please be careful out there, have fun and good luck out in Rust!

Rust - How to Defeat Bradley (Tank) APC for Beginners

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