Strange Brigade – Solving the Puzzles of the Dead

Void Puzzle

This one is a little tricky. You have only 4 rooms in a circular arena that can help you fight the onslaught of undead, plus it’s easy to get cornered in this map if you’re in one of the paid rooms. Each room has a lever that flips through a list of different symbols: Vase, Bull, Pharaoh statue, Herb, Cat, Pharaoh, Soul and Khopesh (Egyptian sword) in that order. The first and only step of the puzzle is to look around the paid rooms and see which symbols match what is unique in the room.

See below:

When you’ve set up the four levers correctly, the door to the pyramid will open and you will get to see what’s inside.

Congratulations, you solved the first puzzle on Void. You can buy the shotgun and call it quits here, but why not do a little extra homework for more goodies? Behind the shotgun are 4 altars with symbols arranged in a square.

To summarise the altars below:

  • Top left symbol = Bull room, to the right of the pyramid
  • Top right symbol = Herb room, to the left of the pyramid
  • Bottom left symbol = Khopesh room, the room below the pyramid
  • Bottom right symbol = Pharaoh room, the farthest room from the pyramid

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