Wobbly Life – How to Find the Secret Cars

Hidden Cars Guide

Rocket Car

The rocket car is hidden in the cargo bay in side a red open container on the left side of the bay.


The motorcycle is hidden in a shed filled with hay on the side of the left cow field.

Hamster Ball

To get the Hamster ball head ball to the lab and go to the shrinking mashing then after your shrunk you go to the pile a box’s a climb then the the fan and then jump down the crack next to you. You then will find a button behind a gap in the box’s squeeze threw the gap (this may take multiple attempts) and push the button then reset. After that go back to the fan and it’ll be turned off go into the vents and the hamster balls will be there.


To get the limo you first must go to the wobbly TV and go to the quiz (second floor) go to the hosts room and knock down the poster. Click the button to unlock the third floor then go back to the elevator and go up one more floor. Go to the present and once you get it you will unlock the limo.


To get the UFO you need to go to the wobbly labs on top of the mountain then gather the parts to repair it.

  1. Get into the fork lift then move the colored crate piles and and put them in the squares that match after that jump across them and grab the battery.
  2. Find the fuse which requires a lab coat in order to get that you must first find all the missing people in the lab room you mite as well grab the keys while your at it there in the room to next to one of the missing people after you put ion the lab coat you can enter the scientist only zone then take the first right and then to elevator where you will then be on a balcony and fallow the path the the fuse.
  3. To get the fuel you must go too the formula maker up the stairs and put in the recipe corn, emerald, and purple potion.
  4. To get the keys you must go back to the lab room and you should of already seen them go to the place where the last wobbly is and the keys will be right next to him.

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  1. Wait at 11:00 AM and the marshal will give you a job and if you complete it you unlock the tank.
    (credit to gasdurkshen IDK if i spelled the name right.)

  2. Motorcycle is called motor chopper and the waste boil car is called the toxic waste car. still great guide though

  3. for goodness sake this is a better guide to find atafiact then the guides that are for it!

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