Wobbly Life – Paradise Island Artifacts and Golf Ball Pet

For those that are struggling finding out how to get and where the artifacts and golf ball pet are.

Quick Disclaimer

I’ve already collected all the artifacts so they won’t be glowing and this is my very first guide so do let me know if this was good in helping you find the secrets.

Pineapple Drink Artifact

If you don’t have the propeller hat to easily access the artifact then you can get to it via this zipline up at the golf field.

Once you’ve gotten onto the building you simply bounce up the trampoline there and past the wooden board to reach the artifact.

Flower Artifact

Firstly you need to locate this cave entrance just off the ledge of the golf field.

Next you make your way across the obstacles (or just fly over if you have the propeller hat) to claim the glowing green flower.

Emerald Golf Ball

This was the one that took me the longest to figure out.

You need to go to the statue of Wobbly Woods out front of the the golfing club and whack the stone golf ball on the statue with a golf club (i used the putter).

Golden Golf Club

The Golden Golf Club is locked in the cupboard inside the golfing club building, there is a hint on the wall to the key location.

But hey you didn’t click on this guide just for the Club’s location did ya?

So the key is located in the centre of the mansion maze hidden underneath this little bench.

BTW you don’t need to own the mansion to get inside you just need some way to get past the fence and you’re in.

Golf Ball Pet

The little golf ball pet is found at what i presume is the final hole with the skee ball circles.

You just jump into the centre hole and you’ll fall into golfly’s home (i named it golfy so that’s what i’m calling them).

Total Rewards

So congratulations you now have all the artifacts on the island and even a new pet, you can now impress your friend with your brand new golfing outfit, golf cart and new golf pet.

Thank you for using this guide and enjoy your Wobbly Life!

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