Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor – Martyr – Tech Adept Guide

A guide for the tech adept with ranged weapons and 3 Kastelan bots. 


All credit goes to Shoark!

As described we want to use ranged weapons. This will be the radium carbine II and the arc rifle II.

As armour we will take the necromechanic raiment. For the belt the technomarty girdle. This gives us 2 attacks with the weapon, 3 slots for bots, and a heal ability for all constructs in a radius around us.

First Skill Tree: Construction Defense

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr - Tech Adept Guide

At first you need 3 points into Construction defense.

This will get you 2% dmg reduction for constructs and now the jewel in this skill tree.

Galvanic Booster, a whopping 1% HP per second for constructs.

Whatever costructs you have, they will regenerate fast enough to make them very durable.

The next thing to get is the perk “Archeotech Constructs” it will reduce the amount of data flux you have to reserve for upcalled contructs. per standard each Kastellan Construct costs a hefty 38% of your Data Flux. We will reduce that one by one down to 28%.

That will allow you to call 3 of them.

Important Stats

What you need on your gear is:

  • + x Data – flux
  • – x % Data – flux Cost

These stats can be found on all 3 implants (Neural / Eye / Main).

The first stat can be found on the Purity seal too.

Useful stats are:

  • + hp per hit
  • + supression per hit
  • + poison dmg
  • hp regeneration
  • supression regeneration

Second Skill Tree: Health

Warhammer 40,000: Inquisitor - Martyr - Tech Adept Guide

This will be 4 points in health. If you don’t survive the battle it doesn’t matter if your constructs do.

That gives you 300 hp for yourself, 20 % reg per sec when you are under 50% health and “Field Surgery”.

This lil gem resets your renoculator cooldown when you enter the exposed state, i.e. when you are under 25% hp.

This allows you to survive much easier even if you get hit hard and need a bit of time to hide behind your constructs.

Third Skill Tree: Construct Offense

The next 4 points will go to the Construct offense skill tree.

This will get you 10% melee dmg for constructs, 100 Hp on kill for constructs and + 5 HP on hit for constructs.

Now you need to get to level 9 for the “Construct Ability” skill tree and level 13 for the “Construct Specialisation” skill tree.

Fourth Skill Tree: Construct Ability

We will put 2 points in it. That will give us increased combat activation range for melee constructs and “Cybernetic canticle”, which gives us 30% duration to all summons kills and 5% less reserve costs for constructs

Fifth Skill Tree: Construct Specialisation

This will take a while because we need 17 points for this skill tree.

Our ultimate goal is the main ability in the middle (or at the end) of this skill tree “Voltaic Communion”.

which gives us another -20% Data-flux reserve.

On the way to the middle we will get:

  • x % Data-flux cost for summon skills
  • The Kastellan Flamer Pattern
  • The Kastellan Phospor Pattern

Which allows us to equip either a Flamer or a Phospor Gun in the secondary weapon slot of our Katellan bot(s).

When we reach 3 Kastellan bots one should be melee and 2 ranged. The melee one gets the Flamer the ranged ones get the Phospor Gun(s).

The rest of the tree can be ignored, these are fillers to get to the middle.

Sixth Skill Tree: Construct Ability (Again)

This will be 8 Points to get Auxilliary Module Alpha and Beta for 2 more Equipment Module slots for our constructs.

Seventh Skill Tree: Construct Defense (Again)

5 points to get the Defensor and Regenetor Module.

I advise you to get “Encased machine spirit” (constructs are immune to knockdown) and “reinforced construct” (constructs get 1% more max hp for every 5% of current reserve to constructs) in this skill tree too.

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