Encased – Full Achievement List (Description and How to Obtain)

Achievements in the game, their description and how to obtain them.

List of All Achievements



  • Get your first kill.

It’s Just the Beginning

  • Leave Concord.

True Survival Simulator

  • Use the toilet.

On Top of the World

  • Inspect the territory of the Dome at the observation deck by looking through each binocular.

Marie and Pierre

  • Get radiation sickness while at the Concord training ground.

Work Now, Work Later

  • Send the Oranges to work after they robbed the storage.

Taming the Element

  • Help Russo in the “Emulator” project. Complete Act I.


  • Work for both Blacks and Oranges, completing “A Case for the Skinny and Nimble” quest.

Nailed it!

  • Kill 3 enemies with a single shot using an penetrator-class weapon piercing shot.

Nobody Returns

  • Kill the members of the Nashville expedition.

We Repel What We Love; We Attract What We Hate

  • Push and pull the same opponent during a turn.

Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

  • Beat the game with a character with low intelligence.


  • Complete the game without killing anyone.


  • Complete the game without killing anyone, except by the hands of the companions.

Lone wolf

  • Complete the game without recruiting any companions.

We have a winner!

  • Finish the game.

It Ends Where it Began

  • Return to the ruins of Concord.

Anarchy Devouring Own Children

  • Chop off Victoria Legrand’s head.

Total Recall

  • Help Victoria Legrand remember her past.


  • Activate all Maelstrom beacons.


  • Collect all the dog tags from the fallen Atom Peyton’s comrades.


Silver Spoon

  • Complete three quests for the Silver Wing.

Hands of Gold

  • Complete three quests for the Blue Wing.

Law and Order

  • Complete three quests for the Black Wing.

And Yet It Moves

  • Complete three quests for the White Wing.

Know Your Way Around

  • Complete three quests for the Orange Wing.

Wasteland Capitalist

  • Accumulate over 20,000 combonds.


  • Pick 50 locks.


  • Block 100 attacks.

Power of the Mind

  • Kill 15 creatures with Head Explosion.


  • Backstab a 100 times with bladed weapons.


  • Destroy 100 robots and other machines.


  • Steal 50,000 worth of combonds.


  • Hack 50 computers or robots.

Start-up capital

  • Accumulate 1,500 combonds in the Prologue.

Persona Non Grata

  • Completely spoil relations with at least one faction.


  • Completely spoil relations with all factions.


Like a Cockroach

  • Get killed by the elevator.

Wrong Turn

  • Hijack someone else’s car, crash and die without leaving Concord.

Getting Hot In Here…

  • Get inside a coffin and die in the crematorium oven.

Changed My Mind

  • Die while trying to leave the Dome.

Always a Way Out!

  • Break down the Landing Pod door and die.

Wake Up!

  • Fail the main quest by wasting time.

A Thousand and One Deaths

  • Achieve all possible endings at the Concord station.
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