Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous – How to Get 500g Mercs After Prologue

Guide on how to recruit mercenaries from Hilor for 500g only so you can create your own customizable party for cheap right after the prologue.

Guide to Get 500g Mercs


I really wanted to make my own full party right after prologue but was really disappointed that I can’t really afford it (usually costs 4500*5 = 22500 gold). I couldn’t find this information and I had to do some research and tests myself till I finally figured it out.

Do note that you will be recruiting level 1 mercs using this method. You can recruit mercs at Hilor right after prologue they cost your level*level*500g.

You could just cheat and give yourself gold but this method doesn’t require mods or cheats so your achievements and game files are safe.

How-To (Step-by-Step)

Step 1: Don’t Level up your main character

You can level up everyone else, I played on Core difficulty and even killed the water elemental without leveling my main character so it is really possible without too much issues.

Step 2: Remove all party members from active party

After the the prologue you wake up in the same building as Hilor – go outside the building, then outside the camp and remove your companions so you are the only one adventuring then go back to Hilor. It doesn’t matter that you start alone when you wake up – you must do this step.

Step 3: go to the difficulty options menu and set “only active companions receive experience” to On

After you recruit your mercs you can turn this back off if you want. you can do this step right at the start of the game if you want which will result in a higher amount of XP for your main character (I finished the prologue at level 3 with this option off and level 4 with this option on). Note that your difficulty settings will not be affected – if you are playing on Core you will remain on Core and won’t switch to “Custom” (other options usually do change it).

Step 4: That’s it! – you can now purchase mercs from Hildor for 500g

If you want you can level up once so your main character is level 2 and recruit level 2 mercs for 2000g. When you’re done you can leave and rejoin with your companions outside. you can also change the “only active companions receive experience” back to off if you like.

Note that there is a merchant called Dyra that appears twice in the prologue – when you meet chief Sull and later right before you leave the Shield maze where you can sell junk to make the recruitment gold. Also after the prologue there is a dwarf outside the main building that will also buy your junk.

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