Call of Duty: WWII – Mission-Specific Achievements

A brief description of how to get each Mission-Specific Achievements in the game.

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Mission-Specific Achievements

All credit goes to Jepp!

All of these achievements can be done (and I would recommend that you do them) on the easiest difficulty: Recruit.

One of the Lucky Few

Breach the seawall in under two minutes without taking MG fire.

This one can be tricky. Stay in cover as much as possible and try to run the smallest distance between cover. It sounds silly, but try not to run into MG fire aimed at other soldiers. The achievement will unlock after the quick-time event when the actual seawall is breached.

You can load the last checkpoint at any time from the menu to re-attempt the achievement if you take damage from the MGs.

If you are still having trouble, there are other guides available online specifically for this achievement.

Ack Ack

Protect your tanks by shooting down all planes in Operation Cobra.

This is done about halfway through the mission when you use the flak cannon to shoot down planes. This one can be tricky because there are checkpoints in the middle of the sequence, so if you miss one you have to go from the start of the mission.

I would recommend counting them as you go, keeping in mind they are generally in groups of 2 and 3. Be liberal with checkpoint loading if you are unsure whether a plane went down.

By my count, there are exactly 20 planes to shoot down.


Cover Zussman from the church without missing a shot in Stronghold.

Make heavy use of Focus to ensure every shot counts. Playing this mission on an easier difficulty will let you see hit markers, which can help to ensure you haven’t missed. Reload a checkpoint if you miss a shot to give this achievement another go.

Your shots do not need to kill enemies in one hit. As long as they all make contact, they will count.

Sunday Driver

Complete the driving portion of S.O.E. without hitting any obstacles.

This sequence starts after opening the door in the post office. Drive as slow as you feasibly can in order to avoid obstacles, including walls. You’ll get it right when Pvt. Zussman takes over driving.

There are a few checkpoints during the sequence, but you can load to an earlier one as soon as you crash if required.

Silent Night

Sneak through the courtyard undetected in Liberation.

I didn’t have too much trouble with this one. I basically stuck to the right side where I could and circled around to each objective. Again, you can load to last checkpoint if you are detected.

Gasoline Cowboy

Rescue your allies with the Sherman while keeping your armor above 80%.

This starts when you reach the field phone at the start of the mission and start playing as Perez. It can be pretty hard not to take damage, but again you should load last checkpoint when you take too much damage. I would recommend loading if you take any damage from any of the tank encounters.

If you have enough armour remaining, the achievement will unlock as Perez picks up the phone in the tank.

Fog of War

Sneak through the Dragon’s Teeth undetected in Death Factory.

Again, not too bad considering you can just reload checkpoints if you get seen. To be clear, the “Dragon’s Teeth” area starts after you escape the ambush and get up again. Taking out the dog at the start of the area doesn’t count. I personally stayed to the left in the first area, and the right in the second area.

If you are still in stealth when you meet up with Turner, he will take out a nearby enemy at the same time as you. If done correctly, the achievement will unlock after you open the door to the next area.

Suppressive Fire!

Successfully escort the pole charge engineer to the pillbox in Hill 493.

This isn’t too difficult. Open fire on the pillbox bunker until your squad calls out that they are suppressed, then tell the Private to advance with the pole charge. Repeat till he reaches the bunker.


Protect the bombers by personally shooting down 12 enemy planes.

This can be hard. There are a total of just 20 planes (8 in the first part, 12 in the second) that need to be destroyed, and your allies can sometimes be relatively efficient. They can even steal your kills.

I would recommend you shoot whenever you can, but keep your weapon overheat in mind. Keeping aimed on an enemy can help to keep them in view, but they are generally harder to hit when you do this, so it can be better to just free aim.


Reach the sniper perch without being detected in Ambush.

Again, not too difficult with the ability to reload a checkpoint if you get discovered. There are plenty of checkpoints too. Killing enemies is fine as long as it doesn’t get you detected. The achievement will unlock once you’ve climbed up to one of the overwatch positions.


Protect the convoy by shooting down all the planes in The Rhine.

Similar to Ack Ack from Operation Cobra, but the planes are in larger groups and come closer together. There is a checkpoint about halfway through, so reload a checkpoint even if it’s possible you missed one.

The last three that come for you can’t be destroyed because they get taken out by your planes. The achievement will unlock when this happens if you didn’t miss one.

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