Warframe – Kubrow Breeding and Trading

A guide on trading Lotus Kubrow Imprints in Warframe.

Kubrows: Type, Build, Colors, Price

Bulky Lotus Prices: Non Rare 300p, Single Rare 500p, Double Rare 800-850p, Tri Rare 1900p, Double Colored Tri Rare (eg: Gold,Gold, Purple) 2300-2500p.

It’s hard to do such a guide because kubrow prices aren’t set. it’s extremely dependent on the buyer’s taste.

Warframe - Kubrow Breeding and Trading

All breeds are sorta equal now, since the chesa alert. However, chesa might still be a little more expensive depending on the buyer. after chesa comes huras. then raksa, then sahasa, then sunika


Rare colors: Red / Purple / Gold / Navy Blue / Dark Chocolate Brown. Light blue is a little bit popular and falls right after the rare colors. all the other colors are considered common and don’t add anything to the price really.

Warframe - Kubrow Breeding and Trading

Lotus is the most expensive pattern. after that comes merle, then all the others are equal.

How to check colors ? Before you can go to appearance > attachments > copy main colors … there you can see all the colors even the eye / energy color.

A previous update made this option unavailable to gauge the natural colors of the Kubrow. This can’t be done anymore.

Price Ranges:

A) All common color kubrows:

  • Bulky non-lotus > 40-50p
  • Athletic non-lotus > 30-40p
  • Thin non-lotus > 10-20p

  • Bulky lotus > 200-300p
  • Athletic lotus > 100-150p
  • Thin lotus > less than 100p 

B) 1 Rare color kubrows:

  • Bulky non-lotus > 70-100p
  • Athletic non-lotus > around 50p
  • Thin non-lotus > less than 40p

  • Bulky lotus > 500-600p
  • Athletic lotus > 300-400p
  • Thin lotus > less than 200p

C) Double rare kubrows:

  • Bulky non-lotus > 150-200p
  • Athletic non-lotus > 100-150p
  • Thin non-lotus > maybe 70-100p

  • Bulky Lotus > 700-900p
  • Athletic lotus > 500-700p
  • Thin lotus > 300-350p maybe

D) Triple rare kubrows (not Triple Gold Kubrows, to avoid confusion):

  • Bulky non-lotus > 300-500p
  • Athletic non-lotus > 250-400p
  • Thin non-lotus > 150-250p

  • Bulky lotus > anywhere from 1000-2000p depending on color harmony
  • Athletic lotus > 900-1200p
  • Thin lotus > maybe 500-600p

E) Quad & Triple Gold Kubrows:

These can sell for insanely high prices if someone wants to pay more for a specific eye color. Till Now I saw 3 triple gold lotus kubrows.

  • One sold for 5k I believe (that one had golden eyes as well)
  • One sold for 4500
  • And the last one for 3500p 

So till now I guess the price for these full gold lotus kubrows is 4000-5000p.

The Biggest Kubrow Pup in all of Warframe:

Warframe - Kubrow Breeding and Trading

Written by Mordhekhai

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