Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Waldensians: Heretic’s Testimony Guide

A quick guide for people who are having trouble deciphering the Heretic’s Testimony Book in the Waldensians Quest.

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Book Hints Explained

Read the book from the “quest item” tab in your inventory. The first part tells you how they extracted the testimony. Now, the second part is what we’re interested in.

  1. Den of iniquity: the tavern.
  2. Temple of the bride of the antichrist: the church.
  3. Towards the rising sun head east.
  4. Finger of Christ at the crossroads: the shrine, so take the left fork.
  5. Sound of a thousand-headed crowd: ride past the bee hives (on your right).
  6. Jaws of the Behemoth: keep on the road through the ruins.
  7. The abodes of the apostles: they were fishermen, so go to their home, marked as a “camp” on the map.
  8. Two widows weeping and keening: the two willows on the south-east bank of the lake.
  9. Along the edge of the world: follow the lake shore.
  10. Ribs of the great Leviathan: I assume that’s the dead tree on the lake bank.
  11. Two bridges over the river Jordan: take the left bridge, follow the path.
  12. Abundant with foliage, guarded by men of straw: take the path leading to the straw heaps.

Map with the most important ones marked, final destination is the quest marker:

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