Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Ledetchko Revenant Achievement Guide

How to Obtain Ledetchko Revenant Achievement

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The Ledetchko Revenant is a tie-in achievement that can be completed with either of the Christian Burial and Not-so-Christian Burial achievements.

No Rest for the Wicked 

When you returned to your new best friend in town before you completed (Not-so-)Christian Burial to give him an update, the both of you came up with a list of things to do to scare the villagers. You’ll need to complete them for the Ledetchko Revenant achievement.

He also casually mentioned that you should talk to other people (like traders and the bailiff) to find out more devious ways to haunt them. Turns out only the grocer has anything sensible to say. He’ll mentions rotten eggs, which’ll prompt a quest update. Also talk to the bailiff for another optional task. If Fritz and Matthew are in town, you can also ask them for help.

  • Replace the eggs in the chicken coops with charcoal.
  • Replace the butcher’s fresh meat with rotten meat.
  • Colour the water in the baths.
  • Steal rosaries.
  • (Optional) Think up what to do with the rotten eggs.
  • (Optional) Deal with the itinerants.
  • (Optional)*** Get help from Fritz and Matthew.
  • (Optional) Murder a villager.

Chicken coops red, bathhouse tubs blue, well yellow, butcher’s meat orange, intinerants green, Fritz & Matthew purple, dog pink

*** Fritz and Matthew can only be spoken to for this quest if they’re at the Ledetchko mill (during the …Is a Friend Indeed quest). If they’re in Sasau, at the Inn in the Glade, or in Pribyslavitz, they can’t be talked to for this quest.

Replace the eggs in the chicken coops with charcoal

The first task in your journal should be to replace the eggs in the chicken coops with charcoal. There is a total of seven chicken coops, you can find them: 1. in the enclosure under the Gossip’s house, 2. at the adjoining lot right next to the first coop, 3. next to the Gossip’s house, 4. behind the general trader, 5. next to the bailiff’s house, 6. next to the mill, 7. next to the blacksmith’s house.

You only need to place charcoals in three (3) coops for the task to be successful. Make sure to steal any eggs that happen to be in the coops and keep them with you.

Chicken coop behind the bailiff’s house, steal any eggs inside and place a charcoal inside

Replace the butcher’s fresh meat with rotten meat

The second objective is to replace the butcher’s meat. However, to do so you first have to find out which sorts of meat the local butcher is selling. Head over to the Butcher. Walk towards the back of the property and examine the hanging chicken. Next go inside. I’m unsure if it’s considered trespassing as I still had to finish the Restless Spirit quest and examine the pieces of mutton hanging in the entry hall. Next pick the lock to the pantry to your right and examine the hanging animal (the pantry, however, is definitely considered trespassing). Turns out Drahomira is buying roe-deer from poachers, that explains her guilty conscience.

Next you will have to find (or buy) the meat. Either should work. You’ll need 50 pieces of roe-deer (the smaller creme-beige coloured deer). There is quite a few roe-deer spots around Ledetchko. So pick your spot and kill one, which should be more than enough for 50 piece.

Next you’ll need 4 chickens and 25 pieces of mutton. I suppose you can kill the chickens/sheep in Ledetchko: there is chicken abundant and there are sheep grazing in the sward next to the butcher. If you don’t want to kill the livestock in Ledetchko you can head out of town. Chicken are the most easy to find, almost every hovel and hamlet has a couple walking around. Sheep are trickier, but there is a spot just north of Ledetchko (in the clearing towards the Inn in the Glade) where they tend to spawn.

Ledetchko butcher, location of chicken red, mutton orange, and pantry with roe deer yellow

Roe-deer locations around Ledetchko, confirmed sheep location red

Colour water to blood

Ask the Charlatan for the recipe to colour water to blood and he’ll recite it:

How love turned to bloodshed. Once there was a knight who, though upright and noble-looking, had a prickly, unapproachable appearance. He fell in love with a fragile young maid, whom he saw with her sisters in a field, all wearing bright red wimples. But he was afraid his prickly exterior would frighten her, so he asked the advice of another knight, a pious and learned crusader, who carried the name of the patron saint of his order with pride. The pious knight told him he would arrange a rendezvous with the maid, all three would drink wine together by the river and he would help his friend to get acquainted with her. This they did, but the maid fell in love instead with the pious knight. The stern knight was enraged and challenged his rival to a duel. The two fought long and fiercely, but they were equally matched, and so in the end they both fell, mortally wounded. Anguished at the tragedy her beauty had caused, the young maid took a dagger from one of the knights and plunged it into her own heart. Their bodies lay together on the ground, and the blood flowed from them into the river turning the waters crimson.

That’s quite a recipe, isn’t it? Luckily, Heinrich need not search for damsels-in-distress, shining knights in armour, or fight duels to the death. The Charlatan (who forgot the exact recipe) tells that there is three herbs hidden in the story, that they need to be grinded, and then brewed for 1 turn. Reading through the recipe it’s not that hard to find out which herbs are needed.

You will need to get a hand full of:

  • An upright and noble-looking, but prickly, unapproachable herb (Thistle).
  • A herb wearing bright red wimpels that stands with her sisters in a field (Poppy).
  • A herb that carries the name of the patron saint of a Knights Order with pride (St. John’s Worth).
  • You’ll also need a base for alchemy. Remember: all three would drink … together (Wine).

Once you’ve made the Fake Blood Potion, go to the bathhouse in Ledetchko (located right next to the tavern) and drop the potion into one (out of three) tubs. Easy comes as easy goes.

The Ledetchko baths

Steal rosaries

As straightforward as they get. Either pickpocket the rosaries from the townspeople or sneak into their houses and steal them from their chests. Get yourself five (5) shiny new rosaries and the task is done.

Ledetchko Revenant

Even though you can already progress the quest by completing 3 out of 4 mandatory tasks, in order to get the Ledetchko Revenant achievement you need to complete all four main tasks and at least two optional tasks, either:

  • (Optional) Think up what to do with the rotten eggs.
  • (Optional) Deal with the itinerants.
  • (Optional) Get help from Fritz and Matthew.
  • (Optional) Murder a villager.

Rotten eggs

Talk to the grocer in Ledetchko and he should relate to you how all eggs have turned sour. Well, if that isn’t just the sort of gossip we are looking for. Fortunately, Heinrich also kept the eggs that he stole out of the coops. Keep them a little longer until they give off a real stink—a diabolical stink, like brimstone—and poison the water with them. The hardest part here is to make the eggs rot (which takes two days) because there is only one well to poison, and that one is on the bathhouse property.

The only well in town, fortunately for the townspeople of Ledetchko they all seem to get their water out of the Sasau river

Deal with the itinerants

Talk with to the bailiff (who walks around town quite a lot and otherwise can be found inside his house across the street from the tailor) and mention the revenant. He’ll tell you it’s all just the talk of old hags. Instead he points the finger at some good-for-nothing itinerants petty thieves and beggars that have been roaming the countryside.

The derelicts can be found in the forest to the south-west side of Ledetchko. Just underneath the loggers camp is a small clearing on your map. That’s where they’re camping. Head there, and talk to one of te itinerants. Explain your mission but instead of scaring them away, tell them they could be of help. Tell them you plan to scare the Ledetchko inhabitants and they’ll gladly help, for a price. Either pay 20 gold or pass a speech check (level 9). Return and inform the bailiff and you’re done.

Derelicts squatting in the shallow of a hollow buff

Location of itinerant’s camp

Interestingly, if you go to the north-east end of town during the night (near the abandoned shed), you can actually see (and hear) one of the derelicts scaring the village.

Get help from Fritz and Matthew

Unfortunatly, I haven’t (yet) been able to test this out, but you should be able to get their help if they are staying with the Ledetchko miller.

Murder a villager

If you’re especially devious you can murder a villager—here’s the twist though—even though you can’t be caught during the act the people of Ledetchko need to find the corpse the be frightened. Thus, it’s no good to kill a lonely farmer in a field that nobody will pass by, or to kill a whole household while they’re sleeping. Killing a peasant in his sleep and dropping him in the street should do the trick though. Make sure the guards find him and have a relaxing sleep afterwards.

Return to the Charlatan and he’ll press you about the murder. Of course, you’re going with plausible denial when he asks you about it (speech check of 0). If you admit to doing it, the gigs up, and (even though you get the potion recipe) you won’t be able to get Ledetchko Revenant this way.

Fearless Fellows

After completing three main tasks the stage is set. Talk to the Charlatan and he’ll congratulate you, only there is but one tiny little problem. Turns out Ledetchko has itself a would-be hero who ain’t afraid of the devil himself. Talk to the gossip and inform about his weakness. Seems like he hasn’t one, but his two friends do. One’s afraid for animals, the other for fire.

Return to the Charlatan and he’ll tell you to take care of the friend that’s afraid of animals. How? Just find the most diabolic sounding dog in town and imitate his bark. If you’ve walked through Ledetchko before you will have undoubtedly heard this dog before. He is located between two small Cornelian cherry dogwood trees in the enclosure behind the tavern.

He already looks like a little devil on four legs

Once you learned the intricacies of pronouncing a devilish ‘woof’ return to Charlatan who’ll also mention you’ll have to shoot down a lantern at the gravesite to scare the second friend. Either practice or don’t. Whatever you do, you should find Fearless Felix (a bald gruffy guy dressed in browns who hangs around the tavern a lot) and challenge him on his boast. Choose whatever you wish because they’ll all end with him accepting the wager.

Fearless Felix at his favourite spot

The game now automatically transports you to the gravesite at night. You have two tasks to do: shoot down the lantern (that really looks like a bright shiny star) and scare the fearless fellows by barking.

You can bark by pressing X only when you’re very near the campsite and the trespass icon appears. Barking is on a 10 second cooldown and is indicated by the courage icon. After your third bark the last friend should depart and you can relax in the shadows and watch the rest of the show.

Stalk the camp and use your special vocal power to scare the Fearless Fellows

Talk to the Charlatan and return to Ledetchko. Wait till the next day and you should see him again on the market. Talk to him after 10 am and it seems business is a booming. The Charlatan’ll give you Lord Capon’s love potion (and recipe) and the Ledetchko Revenant achievement should unlock after you exit the dialogue. Well done! You’re now an official learned healer’s journeyman!

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