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Rust - Excavator Guide

Written by Ryan   /   Aug 1, 2019    
Rust - Excavator Guide

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Excavator Guide

A quick guide to using the Excavator.

Diesel Fuel

The Excavator requires Diesel Fuel which can be Purchased from the Outpost Vending machines.

Rust - Excavator Guide

300 LGF (low grade fuel) can be traded for 1 Diesel Barrel.

Fueling the Excavator

Rust - Excavator Guide

The Excavator can hold one stack (x20) Diesel at a time and it's placed in the large tank pictured here.

This Room is located in the center area of the Excavator.

Starting the Main Motor

Rust - Excavator Guide

When there's Fuel in the Tank to the right of the generator, It will allow you to start the engine here.

Material Selection / Excavator Control Room

Rust - Excavator Guide

There is 2 of these rooms located on either side of the oscillating buckets.

Here you can select the material to gather and start the Excavator.

Selecting Material to Gather

Rust - Excavator Guide

Hold "E" to select material.

Material Output Location

Rust - Excavator Guide

To loot the harvested material, You can climb the ladders placed on the side of the Boxcar.

Pager Frequency

Rust - Excavator Guide

You can set the frequency of a Pager to "4777" and you will receive an Alert when the Excavator is activated.

Game:   Rust
Written by Ryan.