Rust – Excavator Guide

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Excavator Guide

A quick guide to using the Excavator.

Diesel Fuel

The Excavator requires Diesel Fuel which can be Purchased from the Outpost Vending machines.

Rust - Excavator Guide

300 LGF (low grade fuel) can be traded for 1 Diesel Barrel.

Fueling the Excavator

Rust - Excavator Guide

The Excavator can hold one stack (x20) Diesel at a time and it’s placed in the large tank pictured here.

This Room is located in the center area of the Excavator.

Starting the Main Motor

Rust - Excavator Guide

When there’s Fuel in the Tank to the right of the generator, It will allow you to start the engine here.

Material Selection / Excavator Control Room

Rust - Excavator Guide

There is 2 of these rooms located on either side of the oscillating buckets.

Here you can select the material to gather and start the Excavator.

Selecting Material to Gather

Rust - Excavator Guide

Hold “E” to select material.

Material Output Location

Rust - Excavator Guide

To loot the harvested material, You can climb the ladders placed on the side of the Boxcar.

Pager Frequency

Rust - Excavator Guide

You can set the frequency of a Pager to “4777” and you will receive an Alert when the Excavator is activated.


  1. Ah, thanks for clearing that up. But, LOL when am I ever going to have more LGF than I’ll need? Maybe now that electricity and flashlights exist yeah, but who has a refinery in their base build except Zergs? When is a normie solo/duo ever going to come up with enough LGF for it to be a profit? When am I going to smack enough barrels for enough crude oil for it to make a difference? I’m probably supposed to also use the monument refineries for that like the one in safe zone.

    Rust devs don’t know the hoops you gotta go through to make little profit. Pretty lame addition if you ask me.

  2. Any idea where the diesel spawn at junkyard is? The one on dome was an easy find, but i scoured the junk yard and found nothing.
    Also good write up!

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