Civilization VI – Archimedes Bath Achievement Guide

Easy but not so fast way to unlock Archimedes Bath achievement.

Setting up the Game

The guide that gives a new meaning to “One More Turn”.

I had some issues unlocking this achievement, I had made more then 5 eureka’s but it wouldn’t unlock. After some thought I had found a way to get this achievement by going through the tech and civic trees.

What I did first was:

  • Set dificulty to easy. 
  • Use a small map.
  • Use one AI, I chose Ghandi.

Here is a screenshot how I set up my game, you can click on the “X” to get fewer opponents. I ticked off religious victory because it wasn’t important for this achievement.


It is important that you research “writing” in the tech tree as soon as possible. You need it to get a library and a campus. Also make sure if you start up a city that there are some tiles that are flat(no hills; mountains).

For the civic tree just click on the civic that is shown in the screenshot. That civic will give you the Great Library and that damn thing will give you a lot of eureka moments.

While you are pressing the “enter” key, you will most likely get a great scientist. If you get one that will give you eureka boosts, keep him untill the great library is build.

For research after you have unlocked “writing”, choose something that takes a lot of turns to unlock, it really isn’t important to win the game, this is just to unlock this one achievement.

I did build 3 cities and a few workers so I could speed up the production in my capital. I didn’t explore to much because some goodie huts give you boosts also and they can make it harder to get this achievement.

When the great library is build and you still didn’t get the achievement (happened to me and I was not amused), use the great scientist and you WILL get the achievement. It is important that you use the Great Scientist in the SAME turn as you did finish the Great Library. The achievement will unlock only then.

Build or buy some units to fight off the barbarians, just don’t explore to much and press “Enter”.

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