SCUM – Levels of Fame and How to Obtain FP

Discussed here is the varying levels of fame you can progress in-game.

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Fame and You

  • Nobody: 0-99
  • Bottom Feeder: 100 – 199
  • Wannabe: 200 – 299
  • Hotshot: 300 – 399
  • Sensation: 400 – 499
  • Phenom: 500 – 599
  • Superstar: 600 – 699
  • Idol: 700 – 799
  • Luminary: 800 – 899
  • Megastar: 900 – 999
  • Icon: 1,000+

There is no further progression beyond the rank of Icon. Though, one can assume the developers will add additonal ranks in the near future as an Icon is not a Shot Caller and there is always the one at the top pullng all the strings.

One can hope that we are given the option in the near future to create our own gangs and apply our own custom ranks/titles to members i.e. mule, prison wolf, rabbit, etc.

How to Obtain Fame Points

Obtaining fame points (or FP=Fame Points for short) is not difficult and happens completely automatically. All you have to do is literally survive, the longer the better because if you do almost anything to survive, the points will also increase.

Sometimes more, sometimes less, there are also small “boosts” that we can do ourselves to increase our fame more significantly. Taking out puppets, crafting items and structures, crafting ammunition, washing clothes, cooking and basically anything related to survival will accumulate FP.

FP for themselves are only interesting for dealers, but not essential just because you could buy something there. You can find everything you need on the island sooner or later and you will accumulate fame points along the way. One should also never forget the usefulness of home-made equipment. Here too, crafting gives you fame points and even if these weapons and useful parts are used up quickly, re-crafting is accompanied again. But it’s not just the crafting but also the application. A successful balance (so basically just play the game) helps the most.

An example without much effort. One of my youngest characters that I created managed to get a good 351 FP. However, the playing time itself for the character is only around 26 hours (the only change is ToDS, Time of Day Speed which is slower) and I simply played on the island in the daily fight for survival. This even included a visit to the dealer because I really wanted the ZF and the PO rifle scope for Kar98 and Mosin Nagant as these are my two main rifles and the rifle scopes are extremely rare.

I didn’t rely on “luck” here. The main weapon was a UMP-45 that I received in a police station, later I focused on repairing my Kar98 that I found in the WWII bunker, whereby when I tried to find a cleaning kit I stumbled across a 69% Mosin Nagant etc. Everyday life The island is what really increases the fame and if you pay little attention to it you quickly notice how many of them can accumulate.

PvP is a “decorative accessory”, at least in my opinion, because although you can earn a lot of FP here, you can also lose a lot. I mostly stay out of PvP and I often observe before I move on in another direction or I defend myself with an appropriate secured retreat etc.

A fall can always happen and yes, you lose FP as a result, but that shouldn’t deter you and quite frankly, Pay no attention to FP, they will grow and they will accumulate over time. Rely on the survival skills in the field and less on the traders to achieve a lot even in the short term because, that’s what SCUM is all about, survival. Whoever masters this is also the master of FP.

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