Risk of Rain 2 – Blast Shower Build

Blast Shower Is Really Good, Actually

No, really. Try this build, try it now.

The Gist

Blast shower works extremely well with bands. By removing negative effects on the player, using the shower immediately recharges Kjaro’s/Runald’s/Singularity bands, as well as Safer Spaces.

With a few Fuel Cells, you can get tons of damage on demand, having a Soulbound Catalyst and Gesture of the Drowned makes it so that every attack that deals more than 400% damage will proc the bands, wiping the stage in the process.

The How

This is a step-by step guide with Command, but it’s probably possible to build something simmilar without it.

1. Get the bands. This will be your main source of damage, so it’s worth it to get the bands as soon as possible.

1a. Get 400% damage source. If you’re playing MUL-T, Railgunner, or Artificer, you’re sorted right away. Otherwise, Shurikens should do the trick.

2. Stack Fuel. To eventually have bands on every kill, you need at least 5 cells, to reduce the cooldown below 4s. Stacking more would be even better, especially if you run Safer Spaces with it. At this point, you can manually grant yourself bands on attack, wich is pretty strong already, but gets a lot better.

3. Make it perpetual. Get the Gesture and the Soulbound Catalyst. Gesture will activate the shower as soon as it’s ready, and the Catalyst will charge it with every kill. With enough Runald’s and some Crowbars it should be easy to kill everything in one shot, immediately resetting the bands for the next one.

4. Make it chain. Going further, you should get items, that can proc bands on their own. Here’s the list of stuff that will work:

  • AtG Missile: having just 2 will deal 600% base damage, which is enough to proc the bands. Throwing in some Clovers and/or a pocket ICBM will make wiping the level a lot easier
  • Caggers: It will take 3 daggers to proc bands. It’s more than worth it to stack this many, so trade for them in lunar store, go to void, and/or stack a bunch of shipping request forms.
  • Little Disciple: it takes 2 to proc. Has minimal utility, but now you can just sprint past enemies to initiate the stage wipe.

5. Congratulations! You have oficially won the videogame. Now go stack gasoline till it wipes everything in a kilometer radius around you, and go kill another planet.

P.S. With this build, there isn’t much sense to gather effect-on-hit items. Bleeds, stuns, bombs, scythes, baubles, are all basically irrelevant. This means you can’t really heal off your enemies other than through Monster Tooth and Desk Plant, so it’s probably worth it to grab some of those.

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