Space Engineers – Locations and Tips (Engineering Degree Achievement)

In this guide You will find all locations with tasks in Learning to Survive scenario. You may need them if You want to get Engineering Degree achievement.


Below You will find list of bases/platforms where You can find tasks. Just add their location as a new GPS point (if You don’t know how to do that, check the FAQ section at the end of this post). When You will get there, use a shining button near orange GPS point to start a task. If there is no annotation that base or ship is pressurized, You should probably recharge Your O2 before travelling there or use a ship which is pressurized. Order of locations is mostly random. You may want to add all GPS points, plan optimal route to a few of them and hide the rest.

Starting Platform

Location: X: 117, Y: -122, Z: 9


  • Survival Kit
  • Hydrogen and Oxygen
  • Mining
  • Solar Panels


  • Starter Ship
  • Notes: Pressurized, Ion Thrusters

Ores: Iron, Ice, Silver, Gold
Notes: Survival Kit with Energy; O2/H2 available after finishing tasks

Mining Outpost

Location: X: 421, Y: -394, Z: 173


  • Ship Mining


  • Mining Ship
  • Notes: Drills, Ion Thrusters

Ores: Iron

Observation Post

Location: X: -2006, Y: 3655, Z: -2685


  • Pressurization

Ships: None
Ores: None
Notes: Pressurized after finishing task

Advanced Production Facility

Location: X: -1070, Y: 142, Z: -5041


  • Ship Tools


  • Blue Constructor
  • Notes: Welder, Grinder, Ion Thrusters

Ores: None
Notes: Hydrogen Engine for deconstruction

Construction Platform

Location: X: 1634, Y: -5143, Z: 361


  • Ship Building


  • New Ship
  • Notes: Gatling Gun, Ion Thrusters; available after finishing task

Ores: None
Notes: Survival Kit with Energy; Hydrogen Engine, Hydrogen Tank and Large Storage Container for deconstruction

Damaged Hydrogen Miner (Ship)

Location: X: -4523, Y: -3514, Z: -7747 (a ship near asteroid)


  • Hydrogen Thrusters


  • Damaged Hydrogen Miner
  • Notes: Drills, Pressurized, Hydrogen Thrusters, Small Reactors

Ores: Ice

Drone Repair Platform

Location: X: -4686, Y: 2489, Z: -12959


  • Remote Control


  • Damaged Drone
  • Notes: Unmanned (remote control only), Gatling Gun, Ion Thrusters

Ores: None
Notes: Antenna for deconstruction

Mayday (Ship)

Location: X: -726, Y: -13699, Z: -2168


  • Jump Drives


  • Exploration Ship
  • Notes: Pressurized, Warp Drive, Ion Thrusters

Ores: None
Notes: Warp Drive is almost required in final objective (You need to travel 5000km).

After a task You will get location of a Hidden Base

Hidden Base

Location: X: -9367, Y: -11481, Z: -13965

Tasks: None
Ships: None
Ores: None
Notes: Partially pressurized, no Survival Kit to recharge Energy. This GPS point is location of entrance door.


Location: X: 2844, Y: -12928, Z: 5650


  • Projectors


  • Small Grid (Fighter)
  • Notes: Gatling Gun, Ion Thrusters

Ores: None

Warning Beacon (Ship)

Location: X: -2274, Y: -7135, Z: 11152


  • Combat

Ships: None
Ores: None


How to add custom GPS point?

You can add new GPS point by opening Your inventory and clicking on the last tab – GPS. There You can either click on New or New from current pos. Then simply replace values in fields X, Y and Z. You can also change the Name which will be displayed on Your screen. Short note: too many active GPS points make a complete mess on screen.

What about Planetesphobia and It Takes But One achievements?

When You will finish all tasks, You will unlock new GPS point named Planet. There You have to attack pirate base. This is the “final objective” of Learning to Survive scenario.

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