Paladins – How to Play Imani

This is a guide to help you under stand imani and her kit and how to play her better so your team won’t flame you for not playing well.

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Paladins - How to Play Imani

(Note: my game was buged after I turned my settings to max to get good quality screen shots so don’t mind the glitches also don’t mind the bad english it’s not my primary languege to type) Imani is a damage champion so you need to do as much of it as you can, that say’d she is easy to learn but hard to master because she can be played in multiple ways so a good know how is needed so on to the next section of the guide.

Talents and Loudouts

Imani has 3 talents that change the way she plays masifly (unlike some champions).

Her first talent is splitting ice.

It allows her frost bolt to bounce between 2 enemy’s, that also goes for berik’s buildings and ying’s clones. Like so.

Paladins - How to Play Imani

Her next talent is pyromania.

It allows her fire ball to explode and hit multiple enemy’s in an area but only when you have 4 charges and that takes about 2 hit’s on an enemy this is what it looks like when you use the talent.

Paladins - How to Play Imani

And then there is the third and probably the least used talent man rift.

All it does is create a beam where you stand after you stood still for 2 seconds (so anything that does 1000+ damages can nearly kill you) it’s more for the fire ball as well because it’s easy’r to snipe with that then the frost bolt the up side is is that you fill your mana really fast but you’re basically a beacon so every one knows where you are (because I don’t want to use this I have no screen shots of it).

Next up loadouts.

You have 3 basic loadouts that you can have (you need to build 2 of them). Generally it’s good to have a fire loadout and a fire loadout like so.

Paladins - How to Play Imani
Paladins - How to Play Imani

If you tend to switch between the 2 you can use the premade one or if you like make one yourself it’s up to you, but I recommend building one for fire and one for ice.


Imani has 6/7 abilities in total they change when you change between fire and ice.

The first one is here primary fire, when using ice she fires a ice bolt when it hit’s an enemy it slows that enemy for a short time, when she uses fire you can rapid fire it for tiny bits of damage or charge it up for 1000 damage.

Her secondary fire, when imani uses ice she can lob a ball of ice it detonates on contact or when imani wants it to, when an enemy is hit by it the enemy will not be able to move for a short amount of time, when imani use fire she shoots out a fire breath form her hands this ability does a lot of damage but you are not able to move (unless you have the cards to do so) it also has a big area of effect.

Her “first” ability if frost fire glide, imani will summon surfboard made of ice and moves her self with fire this ability works best when used to move away from things note that you can’t really go up with it and it looses speed when zig zaging.

Her “second” ability is elemental switch, with this imani can switch between fire and ice with it she also switches her secondary and primary fire how ever when you use this keep in mind that you can’t fire whilst the animation is still playing you have to wait till this is over to be able to use any abilities.

Last but not least is her ultimate, imani summons a drogon and she controls this dragon, the dragon has more health then a ulting makoa (so more then 10000 health) how ever imani is completly in the open so when you want to use your ult keep in mind that you need to stand some where save other wise imani will be kill’t and the dragon will die aswell (so unlike junkrat in overwatch) the dragon is also considert as a deployable like beriks turrets.

Final Word

So imani is strong but not unbalanced how ever give her a pocket healer and rejuve and she is near unkillable and I say near because it takes one competent enemy team and she’ll be in spawn the entire match she is also very weak against flankers because she has no real way to run away she is very vulnerable to the flankers in the game and because most flankers have 2000+ health she can’t kill them so easy sorry evie you’re not one of them still a good evie can do work on her.

So if you want to play imani effectifly get on the high grown and try to poke people when you’re team has no champion that does any form of cc take ice when your team does take fire imani is not a champion that a team needs to build around but imani is a champion that can fill either of 2 rolls so has cc and has that burst damage.

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