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Sky: Children of the Light Guides:

What is Adventure Pass?

The Adventure Pass is a new type of limited time event where a cast of traveling Spirits are passing through the land of Sky, bringing new challenges and exclusive collectibles.

There are new Spirits hidden throughout the lands of Sky (four available from day one, the final two will appear later on), who accept special Season Candles to unlock exotic treasures.

All of these Spirits are available to all players for free, but holders of the Adventure Pass will have a special pendant that will allow them to receive twice the rewards for every time they level up their relationship with a Spirit.

This is an optional paid component to the season which doubles the rate at which you can earn Season Candles, and opens up twice the rewards. Here are all the benefits:

  • Season pendant accessory which will hang around your character’s neck for the duration of the season.
  • Daily season candle waiting for you in Home each day.
  • Two extra daily quests worth two more season candles.
  • Double the rewards from the Spirits, including 6 cosmetics that cannot be found anywhere else.

The Adventure Pass only lasts for the duration of the season, and each Adventure Pass will be different than the last, so it may be your last chance to get its unique content.

How do I acquire the Adventure Pass?

There are two ways to purchase the Adventure Pass. The first is a single Adventure Pass for yourself, and the second is a Gratitude Pack which includes an Adventure Pass for you and two friends of your choice.

Sky: Children of the Light - Adventure Pass Guide

After purchasing the Gratitude Pack, you will need to find your friends in the world of Sky and gift them directly. You cannot gift them through their Shrines.

Sky: Children of the Light - Adventure Pass Guide

Once you have unlocked the Hug emote, you will see a new icon appear (see image above). This is the icon to offer the AP gift. The number to the top right of the icon is your remaining number of gifts. Tap the icon to offer the gift.

Once your friend accepts, they will unlock the Adventure Pass and all of its benefits.

Important – Players who receive the Adventure Pass from friends will not receive the 20 Candles for making the purchase.

What rewards can I get?

There are exotic new cosmetics to collect in each season, along with a couple of brand new reward types:

  • Blessings are a treasure that contains a mystery spell inside. These spells have all sorts of useful and fun effects on the world. Try them out and let us know what you think.
  • Sheet Music are songs that you can learn to play on your instrument, accompanied with a beautiful symphonic score.
  • Emote Upgrades add a new level of flair to the emote that the Spirit taught you.

How do I get Season Candles?

Forge a season candle after lighting 30 purple season candles. This can only be done once per 24 hour period.

  • Complete Daily Quests found in the Aviary. Each quest awards the player with 1 season candle. Two quests are available to everyone, with an additional two for Adventure Pass holders.
  • Adventure Pass holders can collect a daily season candle in their Home.

How do Daily Quests work?

During each season in Sky there is a new Spirit in Home from which you can collect four quests each day. These are the key to progressing through the season and collecting all its special gifts.

Each one of these daily quests reward you with one season candle (for a total of four candles per day from all daily quests)

Return to the Spirit in Home to collect your reward when each quest is complete.

Two quests are available to all players. An additional two are for owners of the Adventure Pass.

Each day the Spirit moves between the portals to different lands. The portal they are in front of is the land where you can complete all these quests. Keep an eye out for season candles to light in this level too for a bonus season candle.

There are four types of quests every day:

  • Social – Do something fun with a friend
  • Meditate – Take a quiet moment at a hidden shrine.
  • Ecology – Interact with the world and the creatures.
  • Spirit – Find or revisit one of the Elders.

Tap the top-right of the screen to show your quest list and progress at any time.

What are Gratitude Shrines?

Each day, there will be a new shrine to discover. There is a clue as to where the shrine is hidden in the Daily Quest description. For example, “Meditate in the butterfly field”. The shrine will always be in the same level as all other daily quests.

Meditating at these shrines will allow you to share a message with your friends. We will provide a prompt for your message, but you may ultimately write whatever you like. If your message gets 10 likes you will receive 1 Heart and it will become readable by other players who are not just your friends.

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