Sky: Children of the Light – Beginner’s Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Adventure awaits! Every season in Sky: Children of the Light will bring six new spirits for you to meet – each with their own quest, story, and cosmetics to collect. Your goal each season is to help these travelers find their way home, and then bring them seasonal candles to complete their constellation to unlock their rewards.

Sky: Children of the Light Guides:

Daily Quests

First things first: before you set off in search of the six hidden spirits, make sure to pick up your seasonal daily quests. Each day opens up seasonal daily quests to complete for seasonal candles. If you own an Adventure Pass, two more seasonal dailies will open up for you.

Sky: Children of the Light - Beginner's Guide (Tips & Tricks)

There are four types of quests that appear each day:

  • Social quests encourage you to interact with other players.
  • Meditation quests challenge you to find a shrine and leave a note of gratitude.
  • Ecology quests require you to explore and interact with the environment.
  • Spirit quests challenge you to find a spirit in each land and relive their spirit memory quest.

To get started, look for the quest-giver wearing a deer mask. They will always be positioned with a ! in front of the portal to the kingdom the dailies take place in.

Tap the ! to pick up your daily quests for the seasons from the quest spirit.

Each seasonal quest that you complete earns you one seasonal candle, with the ability to earn up to four seasonal candles per day.

Quests are better with friends! Hold hands to stay charged and reach new places as you explore the daily seasonal quests together.

Important! Make sure that you return to this quest-giver spirit when you’ve completed the quest to receive your seasonal candle rewards.

Seasonal Spirits

A spirit will be hidden somewhere in each of the six kingdoms in Sky, for a total of six seasonal spirits. Seek them out to learn their wisdom.

Sky: Children of the Light - Beginner's Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Find each spirit and complete their quest to learn their stories. When you finish the quest, the spirit will teach you their expression. Return the spirit to the temple at the end of the level to return them to the stars.

Sky: Children of the Light - Beginner's Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Once you have taken the spirit to the temple, they will appear in the constellation in Home. Each spirit’s constellation has expression upgrades, blessings, and outfits to unlock, each costing seasonal candles to unlock. The final, ultimate item in the tree will also require hearts. Tap on their icon to see their individual tree.

Sky: Children of the Light - Beginner's Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Items that have the orange Adventure Pass icon next to them are exclusively for Adventure Pass holders. With an Adventure Pass, they can be unlocked for free as soon as you have unlocked the node before it. In the above example, the player can unlock a new music sheet for 10 seasonal candles, and also collect the expression upgrade on the left for free since they own the Adventure Pass. Remember the ultimate item from each spirit also costs hearts to unlock, even if you have the Adventure Pass.

Daily Gratitude Shrines

Being grateful is scientifically proven to make you happier! One of the daily quests challenges you to find a special gratitude shrine, where you can meditate and leave a note of appreciation for your Sky friends to find.

Sky: Children of the Light - Beginner's Guide (Tips & Tricks)

The gratitude shrine will be located in the same land as the other daily seasonal quests. These shrines will be in a place that is perfect for reflection, so that they feel like a quiet, peaceful space off the beaten path.

Sky: Children of the Light - Beginner's Guide (Tips & Tricks)

The shrine will prompt you with a question to promote mindfulness. If three or more of your friends like your gratitude message, it will be shown to others. Other players can like your candle, and if your message gets 10 likes, you’ll earn a heart!

Seasonal Candles

Sky: Children of the Light - Beginner's Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Keep an eye out for four seasonal candle stacks hidden in the same kingdom as the seasonal quests each day. Light all four, and you will receive an extra seasonal candle (no Adventure Pass required).

Sky: Children of the Light - Beginner's Guide (Tips & Tricks)

If you are an Adventure Pass holder, then you can collect a free seasonal candle every day from this shrine in the middle of Home.

Sky: Children of the Light - Beginner's Guide (Tips & Tricks)

Need some extra seasonal candles? You can tap the seasonal candle counter in the top left corner at any time to access the in-game store. If you need a few more hints, the in-game guide can be found at the quest giver, constellation, or store.

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