No Man’s Sky – New Power System (Beyond Update)

Everything you need to know about the power requirements for everything in Beyond.

Power Requirements of Beyond

To start off, we will assume that you have already seen or read my first guide on the hotspots and power towers. This guide is informational on what the power requirements are for each piece of base parts that use it.

Tech Industry

  • Gas Extractor: 50kPs per unit
  • Mineral Extractor: 50kPs per unit
  • Supply Depot: null atm, unsure if this is a bug or actual feature. Not known at this time.

Tech Misc

  • Light box: 1kPs
  • Noise box: 1kPs
  • Sphere box: null atm, same as with supply depot.
  • Short range teleporter: 5kPs

Tech Power

  • Battery: batteries charge at the same time and charge at the rate of the excess power aka unused power. Max capacity of a battery: 45000kP.
  • Solar panels: morning time they start at 25kPs and then peak at 50kPs (outputs) during the day.
  • Biofuel generator: outputs 50kPs when fueled.

Structures: Large

  • Cylindrical room: 10kPs
  • Square room: 10kPs
  • Corridors: 1pKps each
  • Ladder: 1kPs
  • Viewing sphere: 1kPs
  • Bio dome: 50kPs

Structures: Small

  • Door: 1kPs
  • Holo door: 1kPs *Note: Does not need a hook up spot like other items do, uses the room power instead*
  • Cuboid room: 5kPs
  • Curved cuboid wall: 5kPs
  • Curved cuboid roof: 5kPs
  • Glass cuboid room: null atm, same as supply depot.

Tech Specialist

  • Small hydroponics: 5kPs *Note: uses room for power source, no outlet for cable*
  • Large hydroponics: 20kPs *Note: uses room for power source, no outlet for cable*
  • Livestock unit: 20kPs
  • Automatic feeder: 20kPs

Anything not listed does not currently require power nor does it register as using power when placed in powered buildings/rooms.

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