Stationeers – Vulcan Map Guide

The basic plan you should have before starting fresh on Vulcan.

Basic Plan You Should Have Before Even Starting the Vulcan Map

All credit goes to Neouni!

Since you are running out of time before the portable oxygen tank explodes you should have a basic plan before you load the Vulcan map.

Let’s start of with a warning: Do not release oxygen in the hot H2 environment of Vulcan.

Don’t be afraid to swap your life support and waste tank back and forth when in trouble, there is a spare gas canister in the Misc crate.

  • Build a 6×4 foundation of iron frames.
  • Place a frame on top of the short side on either side to place your airlock parts on later.

Stationeers - Vulcan Map Guide

  • Use wall kits to now enclose the area. (I recommend facing them inwards for easy troubleshootingexpansion later)
  • Grab the iron plates and start welding and filling in the wallkits.
  • Find the Misc crate and grab the portable scrubber and a small battery and assemble it inside.
  • Find the construction Supplies 2 crate and grab the doors.
  • Grab the Portable Oxygen in your other hand and drag it inside.
  • Place the outside door and turn on the portable scrubber to make a vacuum.
  • Place the inside door and crowbar it open.
  • Wait a bit till the Scrubber draws a vacuum.

Stationeers - Vulcan Map Guide

Check the Portable Oxygen tank how close you got to 10MPa and explosion.

Leave the scrubber running, it only really draws power when it can work.

Additional Stuff

Additional Tip for the Scrubber, if you face it from the front it has a reverse lever on the right side. You can drag it outside and hit that lever to make it pump out it’s contents when turned on.

Now it’s probably time to start wiring up your little base.

Stationeers - Vulcan Map Guide

To expand your base I recommend making another row of foundation frames enclosing it with wallswindows and throwing the scrubber in there with you. (Needs to be at least 2 frames of space, or the scrubber won’t work). Now turn on the scrubber drawing a vacuum and then pop the wall. Don’t forget to turn off the scrubber before popping the wall if your base is pressurised already.

Don’t forget to close the outside door if you do this! Because your now on the inside and if the outside door is not closed you are kinda screwed.

I recommend building your fabrication machines inside, because at high noon you don’t want to be outside too long.

I tend to start with a pipe bender so I can print passive vents to finish the airlock, and use the supplied active vents to also be able to draw a vacuum.

Stationeers - Vulcan Map Guide

There are NO ices on Vulcan, Oxite, Volatiles and Ice.

  • Use a frame to place a passive vent > pipe valve > pipe > output of furnace.
  • Let the furnace fill a bit, close the valve and melt some easy metals like copper or gold to up the pressure.
  • I recommend keeping the pressure inside lowish 100KPa is enough for most metals.
  • Lead only needs 300k so can be done all day.
  • Gold, Copper and Silver need 600k so around noon is easy.
  • Iron and Silicon need 900k so can only be done at high noon, so recommend doing those in the old arc furnace.
  • For alloys use your stationpedia F1, Steel is 600k @ 100KPa minimum as well so should be a breeze.

Once you got your basics up you might want to print a lot of cable (also on autolathe) and get your airlock working and your inside of the base expanded and set up.

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