Dead by Daylight – Survivor Emblem System Guide

This guide will explain the emblem system for survivors.

Emblem System. What Is That?

The Emblem system represents how good you played this match. In every category there is a Broken, Bronze, Silver, Gold and Iridescent Emblem.

Broken shows that you didn´t get any points towards a specific category.

And Iridescent is the best you can get…

So why are their different logos for the emblems?

Every Logo represents a different category. For example the category you see here is the Evader category. You´ll get Iridescent in this category when you are good at evading the killer. So if you are good at winning chases against the killer. the longer the chase, the higher the points or if you are good at staying hidden from the killer. Also Every 15 seconds, you will secure points, however, you will only receive half of the points if you lose the chase. And You will also win points if you escape a chase without getting hit.


This emblem is for your participation in generator repairs. If you repair alot of generators then you will get a better emblem “color”. Also cleansing Hex Totems and opening Exit Gates will grant points towards this category.


This category shows how good you survived this match. Escaping a trial without being downed results in an Iridescent Emblem.
But if you get downed one or more times you get a Gold one. If you die then the game will count the times that you were alive, but the highest emblem you can get if you die is silver.


This category shows how altruistic you and your team are during a Trial.

The first two times each Survivor is hooked, all Survivors lose points.

If you unhook a survivor “Safely” which means that you unhook them and they escape safely. then all survivors that are still in the match will get back their points. The Survivor performing the action also receives bonus points. But An unsafe hook rescue results in a loss of points for The Survivor performing the action. Other actions such as healing, making a killer drop a Survivor, and taking a hit for other survivors for example standing infront of someone who is injured or taking a hit while someone is carried will also grant points.

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