GreedFall – A Cure for Melichor Walkthrough Guide

Once you finish with Character Creation, you will be ready to begin your adventure in GreedFall to Teer Fradee. Before you leave on your journey, you must say goodbye to your mother who is sick with a mysterious disease called Malichor. There is no cure for Malichor, so it is likely this will be the last time you see your mother

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On your way down to your mother, you will run into Kurt your lifelong body guard and friend. Here he will challenge you to a fight which will introduce you to the basics of combat in GreedFall. Follow the instructions on screen as you learn about basic and heavy attacks, dodging, and parry.

Once you master the basics, Kurt will ask if you want to brush up on the advanced tactics, giving you a chance to do an advanced tutorial.

It is highly recommended to do the second tutorial as it will teach you about the essential Armor and Fury systems in the game.

Mission Objectives

Before you can depart for Teer Fradee, you have to complete a few objectives in your home country Serene. These objectives are fairly easy to complete, but you will be given several side mission along the way that can only be completed before you leave Serene.

Speak with Mother

Now that you have finished the tutorials, go speak with mother in her chambers. As you are saying your goodbyes you will be able to make a few dialogue choices. Towards the end of the conversation, she will give you a mysterious family heirloom. When you question her abut it, she simply states it is for good luck but wont say anything else. After your conversation you will exit your house and enter Serene. Meet with Kurt to hear what you must do before leaving port.

Prepare for Voyage

Before you can leave you must complete 3 objectives, 2 of which are simple to complete but offer extended side missions before you depart. the three objectives are:

  • Locate your cousin / Governor of New Serene Constantin.

To locate Constantin, first talk to Captain Vasco about his whereabouts. Vasco will mention he heard there was a party at the Pub in town so you might want to check there.

Travel to the bar and speak with the barkeep. He will remember Constantin instantly, because he caused a huge ruckus with a band of ruffians, damaging his bar. Before you get any information out of him,he demands you pay him for the damages or fix the furniture.

Furniture cost 25 Gold to replace, or you can follow the markers on the map to repair it. At the first marker, there will be 2 metal dowels and the ingredients to craft 2 more. You will need the Craftsmanship talent to craft 2 more, but having Kurt with you gives you access to the Talent here for the quest.

Once you repair/replace the furniture talk to the barkeep once again and he will be more willing to provide information. He believes Constantin caused trouble with some bandits who run a warehouse on the south side of town.

Travel to the warehouse and sneak or fight your way up the stairs. Here you will find Constantin located in a locked room.

The keys are in a room directly across from Constantin’s. On the table pictured below.

  • Unlock the cell and sneak out with Constantin, return to Vasco to inform him that he has been found.
  • Inform the Bridge Master of your departure (Side Mission: The Charlatan).
  • Inform the Theleme of your departure (Side Mission: Heretic Hunt).

Setting Sail

Once you have completed all the main objectives listed above, you will be ready to set sail for New Serene. Remember though, once you leave Serene the quests you have left unfinished can not be completed, so if you have any loose ends to tie up, best to do them before you set off.

Fighting the Unknown Creature

Once you are ready to set sail, talk to Captain Vasco and Inform him you are ready.

Walk towards the boat where a cutscene will trigger. Something is damaging the inside of the boat, as Nauts are yelling over the side for help. Sudden a large beast burst through and it is up to you to fight it.

Your best tactics to utilize in this fight is dodge and parry (occasionally) but mostly dodge. Some attacks by the Unknown Creature can not be blocked, like the ground pound or dash attack, so dodging should always be your first choice.

If you are the Technical or Mage, you can control the battlefield with distance attacks, using your Fury as the bar fills up to stagger the creature and your companions deal damage up close.

Once you finish the fight, you are ready to set sail for Teer Fradee.

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