Borderlands 3 – The Family Jewel Walkthrough Guide

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In this guide you can find all information about contains complete walkthrough for the fourteenth chapter named The Family Jewel.

The Family Jewel Mission Summary

Montogomery Jacobs left the last message to his son Wainwright, saying that he needs to find a fragment of the Eden-6 vault key. It may just be in a safe, or maybe in the heart of the wild jungle… 

The Family Jewel Rewards and Requirements

Listed below are the rewards and level requirements for completing The Family Jewel Mission Objectives.

Suggested Level: Lvl 25

The Family Jewel Mission Objectives

  • Talk to Hammerlock
  • Take the Record
  • Play the Record
  • Go to the Voracious Canopy
  • Locate the Family Jewel
  • Find BALEX
  • Kill the Tyrant
  • Pick up the Pink Plushie
  • Locate the Family Jewel
  • Climb up to the Panel
  • Melee the Panel
  • Cut the Hydraulic Lines
  • Enter the Family Jewel
  • Open the Door
  • Go through the Medical Bay
  • Grab the Wires
  • Go through the Medical Bay
  • Knock off the EMS Bot’s Head
  • Install BALEX
  • Get to the Security Bay
  • Defend BALEX
  • Check out the Freight Entrance
  • Get to the Security Bay
  • Clear the Security
  • Defend BALEX
  • Go to the Security Door
  • Kill the Jabbers
  • Retrieve BALEX
  • Get to the Bridge
  • Get to the Container
  • Disconnect the Container
  • Install BALEX
  • Kill the Ratch
  • Get to the Bridge
  • Kill GenIVIV
  • Collect the Vault Key Fragment
  • Collect BALEX
  • Return to Sanctuary
  • Get to the Bridge
  • Install BALEX
  • Pick up the Hard Drive
  • Give the Hard Drive to Marcus
  • Give the Vault Key Fragment to Tannis

The Family Jewel Walkthrough

Talk to Hammerlock

Talk to Hammerlock inside the lodge at Knotty Peak.

Take the Record

Wainwright has got the record player working, take the record from him and do the honors of playing it first.

Play the Record

Place the Record on the player and listen to what it has to say.

Go to the Voracious Canopy

Head to the marker on screen and enter the Voracious Canopy area.

Locate the Family Jewel

Make your way towards the objective marker and find the Family Jewel.


As you travel through the area, you’ll come across a voice on radio. This voice belongs to BALEX, find him by making your way to the objective marker.

Kill the Tyrant

As you near the objective, you’ll come face to face with a Tyrant – which is a large dinosaur. In order to find BALEX, kill the Tyrant.

Pick up the Pink Plushie

After killing the Tyrant, you’ll soon learn that he had swallowed BALEX, who turns out to be large Pink Plushie. Pick him up from the ground where the Tyrant died.

Locate the Family Jewel

With BALEX’s help, continue following the objective to reach The Family Jewel.

Climb up to the Panel

Once you find The Family Jewel, head to the entrance and climb up to the panel.

Melee the Panel

In order to open the door to the ship, melee the panel as indicated on your screen.

Cut the Hydraulic Lines

Kill the Ratch Swarm that spawns when breaking the panel. Once dead, head back to the panel and cut the hydraulic lines as indicated.

Enter the Family Jewel

With the door now open, enter The Family Door.

Open the Door

Directly in front of the main entrance door, you’ll find a large door that happens to be closed. Press the button on the control panel nearby to open the door.

Go through the Medical Bay

With BALEX’s help, navigate to the Medical Bay. Along the way, you’ll encounter Ratch’s that can either be taken out or simply bypassed.

Grab the Wires

Now that GenIVIV has started to lock down the ship, BALEX instructs you to grab the loose wires that are hanging out of the nearby console.

Go through the Medical Bay

After BALEX has hot-wired the console, continue through to the Medical Bay.

Knock off the EMS Bot’s Head

Not long after, you’ll reach yet another locked door. To help better navigate the ship and stop GenIVIV, BALEX wants you to knock off the head of the nearby security bot – this can be done by meleeing the bot.

Install BALEX

With the head knocked off, install BALEX into the security bot.

Get to the Security Bay

Now that BALEX has been installed into the bot, follow him through the ships corridors and wait for him to open the next door.

Upon opening the door, you’ll be greet by several Ravagers, Pollygrogs, Fire Grogs, and Security Bots. Once they’re all dead, continue up the large ramp and make your way to the next objective marker.

Defend BALEX

Now that you’re inside the Security Bay, GenIVIV will get up to her old tricks again and summon several security bots to the area. Defend BALEX as he attempts to bypass her lockdown.

Check out the Freight Entrance

Once the bots have been cleared, BALEX will ask you to check out the Freight Entrance door. Upon the door, you’ll find two large turrets, so be prepared to take them out.

Get to the Security Bay

Once the turrets are destroyed, continue through to the next room.

Clear the Security

Upon opening the door, you’ll find that the room is riddled in security bots. Clear out the area.

Defend BALEX

While BALEX attempts to open the next door, GenIVIV will summon several Jabbers that need to be taken out.

Go to the High Security Door

With all the Jabbers dead, make your way to the high security door marked on the map.

Kill the Jabbers

As BALEX attempts to open the door, a Badass Jabber will knock BALEX out of his robot body. Take out the Badass Jabber.

Retrieve BALEX

Once the Badass Jabber is dead, collect BALEX off the ground.

Get to the Bridge

Now that we know that GenIVIV has moved the Key Fragment the bridge, you’ll now need to prepare for the final battle.

However, before heading to the Bridge, BALEX reveals that he wants to be installed into a Mech, just like GenIVIV. Help BALEX by heading to the Engineering room.

Get to the Container

Upon reaching Engineering, you’ll need to defeat the Ratch’s and other creatures in the room. Once cleared, make your way to the otherside of the room and go up the staircase.

Now that you’re on the second floor, climb on top of the nearby containers.

While standing on top, jump across to each container until you reach the Mech.

Disconnect the Container

Jump across to the Mech and interact with the switch on top to drop the container to the ground.

Install BALEX

Now on the ground, install BALEX into the mech.

Kill the Ratch

With BALEX installed, kill the incoming wave of Ratch and watch what BALEX can do with his new body.

Get to the Bridge

It’s now time to gear up for the final showdown against GenIVIV. To do so, make your way to the bridge. When you’re ready to begin the battle, drop down into the hole.

Kill GenIVIV

With BALEX’s help, defeat GenIVIV to get the Vault Key Fragment. It is important to mention though, that GENIVIV does work similar to the Mechs that you encounter during Skywell-27 and Atlas, At Last. However, she does have a few unique abilities that can deliver some rather nasty blows if you’re not paying attention.

While GenIVIV definitely isn’t one of the hardest bosses to defeat in Borderlands 3, we have complied a short list of Tips and Tricks for Defeating GenIVIV in the section below.

Collect the Vault Key Fragment

Once GenIVIV has been defeated, collect the Vault Key Fragment off the ground.

Collect BALEX

Before you can leave, collect BALEX once again from where his Mech had exploded.

Return to Sanctuary

With BALEX and the Vault Key Fragment in hand, make your way back to the Sanctuary.

Get to the Bridge

Once you’re back on the Sanctuary, GenIVIV has managed to hack into the ships computer system. Head to the Bridge, where you will soon discover that your Service Bots have turned against the crew – take them out.

Install BALEX

In an attempt to get GenIVIV out of the system, install BALEX in to the console at the front of the ship.

Pick up the Hard Drive & Give IT To Marcus

BALEX manages to successfully overpower GenIVIV and place her on a hard drive. To finally get rid of her, pick up the hard drive and take it to Marcus – who claims that he has a use for her.

Give the Vault Key Fragment to Tannis

With the GenIVIV problem solved, give the Vault Key Fragment to Tannis in the infirmary.

Tips and Tricks for Defeating GenIVIV in Borderlands 3

  • Much like most bosses in Borderlands 3, it’s important to keep your distance as this will allow you to better avoid any incoming attacks from projectiles.
  • While downed, shooting the red drones is a fantastic way to quickly get back into battle due to their low hp.
  • Avoid the walls that GenIVIV creates to avoid any unnecessary damage.

  • Try to avoid the large green mines that GenIVIV throws out while zipping around the room as they can deal some rather significant blows when caught off guard. Due to the speed at which they travel, the mines can sometimes be rather challenging to avoid, so one little tip is to hide behind the consoles in the room while they are being thrown. This will help protect you and provide much needed cover from these bombs, as they will more often than not fly over head and explode when hitting the back wall.
  • Try to stay clear of the miniature Mechs that she summons, as they can deal quite a bit of damage when they melee you.

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