Dead by Daylight – Best Freddy Builds

Playing Freddy is very simple; with both Dream Snares, Dream Pallets, and Dream Channeling. People see Freddy as a very strong killer now and there are many good perk builds for him. I’ve given several builds for Freddy, viable for each rank and it’s reasoning on why I would chose those perks.

General Opinion of Freddy

Freddy, in my opinion, is the third best killer in the game. I’ve played many hours with Freddy, from back when he was “F Tier” and until now. He was the first DLC that I’ve purchased and I didn’t regret buying him, even back when I got the game for the first time when he was “F Tier”. I do however think that the new Freddy is a viable killer. I’ve been very consistent against the best players with Freddy. The only killers that have a chance of winning in the worst of situations, regardless of how bad, are Nurse and Spirit. I’ve been gen rushed by full SWF groups as Freddy and I’ve still easily won. No other killer can do that except MAYBE The Hillbilly and MAYBE The Demogorgon.

The reason for winning is not only because of my gameplay, but also because of the build that I normally run on my Freddy. I am willing to shed some light for you on my Freddy builds that I believe are the best in the game.

In this Guide, I have NOT given any addon suggestions for Freddy. I think that Freddy is a very powerful killer that doesn’t need addons to make him viable. YOU can, however, experiment with your own addons on each build that I have suggested. It would make him much more powerful than he already is.

Do take into account that these are my opinions and NOT the best builds, but only my general opinions of the best Freddy builds with logic and reasoning.

Ranks 16-20

These are the Ranks that consist mostly of entirely new players. I would not recommend running any builds that are way too strong since ideally you do want new survivors to have a fun time and winning a match too quickly will prevent you from getting certain pips.

Barbecue & Chili

Barbecue & Chili – this is a good perk to run in lower ranks due to the lack of players that will be on generators. Most survivors at lower ranks tend to do nothing at all and crouch around the entire map. Patrolling generators is almost useless against lower ranks since they barely do generators to begin with. If you are new to Freddy, I would recommend this perk on any killer since you gain situational awareness of where survivors are and, depending on how many hooks, more bloodpoints.

Monitor & Abuse

Monitor & Abuse – this is the best perk for lower ranks since it allows you to sneak up on unsuspecting survivors and scare them, making their Dead by Daylight experience worth while of scare tactics. This perk is good in general since it lowers your terror radius and slightly increases your FOV with this perk.

A Nurse’s Calling

A Nurse’s Calling – this perk is very situational, therefore I wouldn’t recommend it in higher ranks. However in lower ranks, it is extremely powerful since most survivors will want to heal and get back to the healthy state.


Thanatophobia – this perk is very terrible. At 4 stacks, it decreases repair, sabotage, and healing speed by 12% which slows generator progression by 5 seconds; it’s unnoticeable. Besides being a placebo effect, it doesn’t have a use besides minutely slowing the game down. In lower ranks it’ll work however since it’ll force survivors with limited knowledge of the perk to heal which synchronizes well with A Nurse’s Calling.

Ranks 9-15

These ranks generally have a somewhat decent understanding of how to loop a killer. Some survivors are appalling at these ranks and some are decent. Then of course you have the smurfs that derank since they can’t loop a good killer. You could run the same build as before however I really wouldn’t recommend it since it’s way too situational.

Hex: Ruin

Hex: Ruin – this perk is arguably the best perk for Freddy at these ranks since it slightly slows the game down. It also prevents survivors from completing generators too quickly. Also, very poor survivors that can’t hit Hex Skill Checks won’t do generators until Hex: Ruin is cleansed.

Spirit Fury

Spirit Fury – this perk allows you to swing through pallets and make them broken without you having to break it. Since most survivors at these ranks waste pallets, Spirit Fury will be used excessively.


Enduring – this perk allows you to walk through pallets with less recovery time than a normal stun. This is matched perfectly with Spirit Fury since you have less recovery time when getting stunned and the pallet is instantly broken after you get stunned.

Brutal Strength

Brutal Strength – this perk synchronizes well with Spirit Fury and Enduring since it allows you to break pallets quicker and gain more stacks for Spirit Fury.

This is a viable build solely made for these ranks since you can commit to chases with ease. Since not too many mid-rank survivors can hit Hex Skill Checks, it’ll be less stressful to commit to chases and worry about split pressure.

Ranks 5-8

These are the ranks where survivors almost entirely understand how to loop killers. Therefore, you cannot commit to every chase in these ranks because it’ll cost you the game. The ideal tactics you want to do are split pressure. Split pressure allows you to slow the game down enough to prevent generators getting done at an absurd pace.

Hex: Ruin

Hex: Ruin – this perk is a gamble at these ranks. You could either get good RNG or get poor RNG and survivors cleanse it in the first minute of the match (average about 58 seconds). It hopefully slows the game down for a decent amount of time at the start of the match. A decent portion of survivors at these ranks can hit Hex Skill Checks with ease.

Sloppy Butcher

Sloppy Butcher – this perk is to be used as if you’re playing a game of tag. Ideally you want to hit-and-run with Sloppy Butcher that way survivors either waste time healing or not heal at all and then they’re insta-down.

Pop Goes The Weasel

Pop Goes The Weasel – this perk slows the game down a lot by slowing generator progression by 25% after kicking a generator. This is only usable if you hook a survivor though. You need split pressure so you’ll make good usage out of this perk since you’ll want to keep as many survivors injured so that they’re insta-down due to Sloppy Butcher.

Dying Light

Dying Light – this perk forces you to hook survivors, other than the obsession, that way you can receive it’s benefits. This perk slows the game down based on the amount of hooks you gain on each survivor.

At these ranks, you really want to focus on split pressure and slowing the game down a lot with split pressure. This build forces you to evolve and change your game style from committing to every chase to split pressure.

Ranks 1-4

These ranks are ruthless against killers. These survivors know what they’re doing compared to other ranks. In these ranks, you need to be flawless with your playstyle and the crème-de-la-crème survivors WILL capitalize on every one of your mistakes. You need to have the best build in order to win against the best survivors.

Pop Goes The Weasel

Pop Goes The Weasel – this perk slows the game down against high rank survivors. They’ll understand that they need to split up and do generators separately on different generators. It punishes survivors from stacking on the same generators.

Thrilling Tremors

Thrilling Tremors – this perk gives you a lot of situational awareness and helps where you should path and rotate to in order to use your Pop Goes The Weasel stack. It’ll show you where you need to go to push survivors off generators to injure them.


Discordance – this perk gives you high situational awareness. For example, if you just start the match and two or more survivors stack on the same generator, you’ll know exactly where to go to apply pressure. Therefore, you can have two injured survivors at the start of the match, near immobilized.

Franklin’s Demise

Franklin’s Demise – this perk is optional; only use this perk if there are two or more items! This is mainly used to prevent survivors from using Keys, Toolboxes, and Med-Kits. The other items barely hurt Freddy, but this allows survivors to waste time getting their items and it ruins the charges of each item. It also helps prevent generators from getting completed too quickly.

Where’s Hex: Ruin?

Red Rank survivors can hit Hex Skill Checks better than other ranks since they’re more experienced than that of other ranks. Also since they’ve been playing the game more, they’ll have a better idea of where the totems are spawned at. On average Hex: Ruin lasts for 58 seconds based on data I’ve taken from my experiences with Hex: Ruin and several content creators. Hex: Ruin will not fulfill it’s goals at high ranks and to be fair, you don’t need it on a 115 speed killer with high mobility.

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