Mistover – How to Defeat Orbis Brain (Boss 4)

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Boss Attacks

All credit goes to Axanael!

  • Sharp Bite – Targets 1 Party Member in Front / Mid, Boss must be Front / Mid, Does 96% Damage and 96% ATK Bleed for 3 Turns. Boss moves back 1 Tile.
  • Dark Matter Spear – Targets 1 Party Member in Any Position, Boss can be Any Position, Does 160% Damage and inflicts -30% SPD for 3 Turns.
  • Dark Matter Wings – Targets all Party Members, Boss can be Any Position, Does 240% Damage and all Party Members Move 1 tile randomly. Boss repositions to the center tile.
  • Unstoppable Darkness – Targets 1 Party Member in Any Position, Boss must be Mid/Back, Does 96% Damage and inflicts Stun for 1 turn.
  • Bloodshot Eyebeam (Melee/Ranged) – Targets all Party Members, Boss can be Any Position, Does 90% Damage and Inflicts Melee/Ranged Silence for 1 Turn.
  • Blood-curdling Eyes – Targets all Party Members, Boss can be Any Position, Does 90% Damage and Inflicts -Bleed RES for 3 Turns.
  • Dark Matter Weaponry – Targets 1 Row, Boss must be in the Center Tile, inflicts Instakill and a 300% ATK Bleed for 3 Turns.

Notes and Recommendations

This boss spawns with two mosquito mobs, and do not respawn. This means if your Ronin has low hit against the boss, he won’t be able to gain more YP.

Do not have a party where you have 3 members in one row. This will be explained shortly.

This boss does not have an AoE Bleed skill aside from on the instakill attack, so even with party-wide -Bleed RES, HP management is a lot more manageable if you can consistently displace the boss from the center tile.

The main mechanic of this boss is the Dark Matter Wings and Dark Matter Weaponry, the latter of which requires the boss to be in the center tile. Because worst case scenario it will Limbo and Bleed 2 Targets, you want to have Bandages on hand for when those allies take their turns before other allies, as if you SOS the Bleed will kill the party member. However, just because Wings repositions the boss to the center, the boss won’t always use Weaponry immediately after.

Unlike previous bosses, who have had infinite resistance to debuffs, the Orbis Brain actually has a 130 Move RES while retaining infinite RES for other debuffs, meaning it is possible to force a Move, albeit not guaranteed. Outside of move skills, the main way of dealing with Weaponry is to have your targeted characters bandage, then have your Sister use Overflowing Love to heal the entire party, putting both targets out of Limbo and healing off some of the damage caused by Wings’ 240% nuke.

Recommended Stats / Party Members:

  • EVD.
  • Weaken RES (more important that Bleed RES due to party-wide Bleed RES debuff).
  • Bleed RES (only useful if you resist the -Bleed RES debuff attack).

Sister with Overflowing Love / Stable Cloud (Onmiyouji with Purification will help you save on bandages if your party can afford to slot him, but the Sister is mandatory).

Thief with Strike From Behind, Werewolf with No Escape, Paladin with Shield Bash (Push/Pull Skills, you probably will be running a Paladin/Werewolf regardless).

Bandages – Usually you maybe bring one or two for emergencies, but in this case you can use gold to directly counter a boss mechanic, so stock up a few quests beforehand. The slower your team’s DPS, the more of these you’ll want.

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