Hearts of Iron IV – How to Get the Lethal Straight Achievement (Easy Method)

Lethal Straight is one of the easiest achievements in the game to obtain. However, only around 2% of players have gotten it. Here is a guide to getting this oddly elusive achievement.

Who to Play As

You can play as pretty much anybody for this achievement. However, some countries are better than others. It is recommended to play as either a Democratic or Fascist country, for reasons that will be explained later. Also, you should ensure that the country has at least 5 civilian factories. Spain or Czechoslovakia would be good choices.

What to Do

Do note that this is simply a very effective way to go about this. There are other ways to do this, but this works very well. This will be assuming that this game you are playing is only to get this achievement and nothing else.

Do not select any focuses. Just build up political power.

While you are doing this, start a lend lease with the countries that you are aligned with.

  • If you are playing as a Democratic country, this will be the UK, France, and the US.
  • If you are playing as a Fascist country, this will be Germany, Italy, and Japan.
  • If you are playing as a Communist country, this will be the Soviet Union.
  • If you are playing as as a Non Aligned country, you are a complete idiot.

It does not matter what you lend lease for. You should probably just go for basic guns, since that seems to be the most likely to work.

Then, once you have reached 20 political power, start improving relations with 2 major countries that you are not aligned with. After a little bit, you can lend lease with those 2 countries you improved relations with.

Then, you get the achievement. If you plan on continuing the game you were playing, feel free to cancel the lend leases whenever you feel like it.

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  1. So I tried doing this, and I found when playing as a nation with a defined ideology certain nations will have ‘strategic reasons’ not to give a production license. For example, when playing as Czechoslovakia Germany, Italy, and Japan will never give you a production license due to a -100 modifier. I did it as Yugoslavia, which has no such modifier, and I was able to get a license from Democratic, Fascist, and Communist nations. Hope I helped.

  2. Thanks to this I got it within 5 minutes as Sweden, instant improve relation with US,UK and France also Germany after getting Silent Workhorse advisor (needed him for my play and achivement) Request production license for an outdated model. After switching ideology to Communist get production license from papa Stalin boom achivement.

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