Terraria – Lunatic Cultist Guide

Lunatic Cultist boss guide in Terraria.


All credit goes to PinkJbm!

Cultist is only on Desktop and console.


Only the cultic archers will attack if you cause physical damage to a cultist at the Dungeon. They’re immune to confused.

  • Archers don’t despawn.
  • Will follow.
  • Wooden bow but has increased damage.


  • Doesn’t attack.
  • If anyone is attacked their animation speeds up for summoning.


Lunatic Cultist is a post golem boss and can only be versed after skeletron has been defeated as he takes first priority.

Devoted worshippers will appear outside the dungeon and will be praying.

You must simply kill them and the Lunatic Cultist will form from their prayers.

Simply put he’s like a divine entity that forms from their prayers.

He holds powers to summon the steps for the lord of moons.


Takes around 1-2 Terraria days for the cultists to reappear at the dungeon so you can fight the Lunatic Cultist again. Some thing that re-loading the server is faster but i’m not sure.


The ancient light attack is the most damaging move the Lunatic Cultist has in his kit with a total of 120. He adds these orbs as he’s damaged over time.

  • Fireballs.
  • Ice shards.
  • Ancient Dooms (Expert mode).
  • Wyvern duplicate.
  • Phantom duplicate.

Immune to all debuffs.


Lunar cultist will laugh and spawn about 5-6 decoys with no line on his head.

He wants you too hit the decoy so he can spawn a dragon.


Lunatic Cultist is in the top three base Terraria bosses in terms of difficulty.

His speed is great and can be unpredictable at times.


Ancient Manipulator

  • 100% drop rate.

Cultist trophy

  • 10% drop rate.

Cultist mask

  • 14% drop rate.

Ancient Manipulator is used for crafting in end game.

Calamity Mod

Eidolon Tablet

  • You can get a Lunatic Cultist spawner from a enemy in the Dungeon.
  • Dropped from Eidolists.


  • Lunatic Cultist’s health in Normal Mode and Expert Mode is increased.

Eidolon Staff

  • 90 magic damage.
  • 20% chance.

Thorn Blossom

  • 45 magic damage.
  • 2.5% drop.

Lunar Events

Defeating the Cultist will trigger the Lunar event which is a step towards making end game gear.

Obsessive Devotion

  • Defeat the Lunatic Cultist for the first time.

Four pillars

The Lunar event summons four pillars that drop the materials needed for the endgame gears.

It’s based around differn’t play styles. Moon lord spawns after they’re all defeated.

  • Vortex.
  • Solar.
  • Nebula.
  • Stardust.


Sells the outfit for the cultists.

Fun Facts

  • The cultist is actually human.
  • Lunatic is related to the diseases that occured and believed to be caused by the moon.
  • 14th century doctor theme and robe.
  • Smallest boss sprite in the game.

White cultist archer

  • Is a varient of the blue archers but isn’t actually in the game, only the files.
  • Has his own banner.
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