Terraria – How to Obtain Supreme Helper Minion Achievement (Journey’s End / Update 1.4)

This guide will tell you how to get the Supreme Helper Minion achievement easier than every in the new Journey Mode introduced in Terraria 1.4.

Guide to Get Supreme Helper Minion Achievement


First off, you should start a Journey Mode world as that will help you speed through the angler quests by duping the quest fish. I started farming the quests post-Moonlord but you could start whenever you like as long as you have the angler NPC. I would recommend doing this in the endgame as some of the steps will result in spawning events and invasions that would significantly hinder the progress of players with less gear. Doing this in the endgame also allows for better tools which can be used to carve out large fishing ponds quicker. As you progress through the game, you’ll encounter many fishing poles to choose from. By endgame, I will usually have the Sitting Duck’s fishing pole which is obtained through the Traveling Merchant. Break any rocks you find and catch the worms that come out with a bug net which can be obtained from the regular Merchant. You’ll want to craft them into Enchanted Nightcrawlers for decent bait. After that, it is quite helpful if you brew fishing and sonar potions as those will help lessen the time. 

Basic Fishing

When you start the first quest, go to the area specified by the Angler where you can find the quest fish. When you reach the correct biome, try to find an existing pond to fish in. Usually the pond will be quite small – around 100 blocks of water. What you’ll have to do next is dig out the hole so that it can hold more water. Dupe some buckets of water and then fill it up such that it is around 300 blocks (you can count the buckets used up to figure out how much there is). This is important because as a lake with 300+ blocks of water will give no penalty on your fishing power. Now it’s time to begin fishing. Once you catch your first quest fish of that type, research it. This will result in you only having 1/2 of the quest fish researched. This is actually a good thing because now the fish is out of your inventory meaning you can catch a new one. It is extremely important that you do this because you won’t be able to catch another quest fish until it’s out of your inventory. When you catch the second quest fish, you can fully research it and dupe it to be given to the Angler.

Quest Cycling

In the last section, I talked about how you could dupe the quest fish to be reused in later quests. This is one of the key reasons why Journey Mode is important for farming these quests. The other reason is how you can skip to the next day with the time feature in Journey Mode and effectively change the Angler quest. Once you have fished up and duped your first quest fish, it’s time to move on to the next one. Press ‘C’ to open up the Journey Powers menu and click on the time settings. Click on ‘Midnight’ and then click on ‘Dawn’ this will cycle to the next day and you can start on the next quest immediately. Repeat the same steps and keep duping more fish until you have a large collection of them in your duplication collection.

Later Fishing Strategies

Once you have accumulated a large collection of duped quest fish, you don’t even have to fish anymore. You can just stay by the Angler and quickly cycle the days while you hand duped fish to him. To speed up the process even more, input “quest” in the dupe search bar and you’ll be given all the quest fish to choose from. Use ‘C’ to open the Journey Menu after you’ve handed in a quest fish and use you mouse to change the time of day. Use shift to quickly put the correct fish in your inventory. After you do this for some time, you’ll get the hang of it. This entire achievement which should have taken many days will now take a couple of hours.

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  1. Personally, I just researched Can of Worms as I stumbled across it. When fully researched, spawn a stack or two in and open them. Gives both Enchanted Nightcrawlers and rarely Gold Worms. Research both, then spawn in a stack of 999 Gold Worms to use for bait, with 50% bait power.

    Any openable object is completely broken when researched.

  2. If you’ve unlocked all the quest fish, you can also just put one of each in your inventory (or more if you’d like and have the space) before talking to the Angler. This reduces the time needed to open the menu to spawn in the required fish, and you now only need to do that when he asks for something you’ve already handed in.

  3. or you could just do it legit, only took me 1000+ hours to finish the required quest count
    although to be fair, I never really focused on fishing, mostly some ocean fishing when starting a new world, this was back when you could still get OP for pre-hardmode tool fish, and some various item farming for modded terraria crafting

  4. Here are some things I think could help:
    Sleeping in a bed speeds time by alot
    Mechanic sells a rod only on one special moon, waning crescent in hardmode and it’s guaranteed to get sold then
    Crates can provide alot of bait, some good bait is ladybugs (you lose luck when fishing with them) and early game you can use butterflies. The angler also almost always provide bait as a quest reward. Some mobs in underworld can also be of benefit if you make lava bug net.
    Putting torches in correct biomes increase luck, it’s suggested that you do the same because of how cheap and helpful it can be.
    Second, you can use sonar potion to just keep the bait in water and wait until the right fish takes your bait. Overall, these tips are for all modes and not just journey.

  5. i’m doing it legit but i like this method but not using it for the quests almost at 50 rn. Also add on duping the bait and potions for an easy suply

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