Terraria – And Good Riddance! Achievement / Trophy (Easy Way)

A quick an easy way (provided you have an endgame character) to get the “And Good Riddance!” achievement / trophy.

How to Get the And Good Riddance! Achievement / Trophy

The Materials

You need four things:

  • A general endgame character post ML
  • A Bottomless Water Bucket and spare Luminite, ten bars to be exact
  • A new world to easily cleanse
  • Biome sight potions (Bottled Water, Fireblossom, Blinkroot, Moonglow and five Grass seeds)

The obvious, lots and lots of green solution, turning the corruption/crimson into the hallow does not count

Toss a Clentaminator into post ML shimmer, you do not need to beat another moon lord in a 1.4.4 world just to combine the Bottomless Water Bucket and 10 Luminite bars to make a Bottomless Shimmer Bucket and dump a reasonable amount in a small hole. You get a Terraformer from doing this.

It has better range and consumption than a regular Clentaminator, you then bring this and the biome sight potions to a new world, in that world proceed to kill any Dryad spawning boss as you need to talk to her after purifying any world to officially get this achievement. After (Or while waiting for) the Dryad moves in, purify the world with the Biome sight potions and Terraformer then talk to the Dryad when every last block is uncorrupted.

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