TEKKEN 7 – Claudio Serafino

Useful T7 Info:

Claudio Serafino

Difficulty – Easy

Replacing Lars as the most anime character, Claudio is the first of the new additions to Tekken 7. Claudio is unique in the fact that he gains something close to a “devil trigger install” from connecting with certain moves. His hand gains a blue flame called Starburst which grants him a one time buff for specific moves. Claudio is infamous for having the best hopkick in the game with huge range and quick recovery, therefore it’s awkward to block/whiff punish making it a strong keepout tool. He also has one of the strongest approach tools with his WR2, a hugely + on block high that forces his opponent to duck at a range and Claudio can start using ranged mids such as the aforementioned hopkick to condition them. Claudio’s main gameplan is to get into Starburst as soon as he can to use the juiced up versions of Starburst compatible moves to overwhelm his opponent. His poking game isn’t amazing as his generic mid poke is slower than most and his fastest mid is a bit unfavourable on block. His main lows are damaging but they are quite risky (launch punishable) on block except one making his offense a dangerous one for him to take.


  • Best hopkick in the game.
  • Highest damage output with STB enabled.
  • Good homing moves.
  • Strong keepout with hopkick.
  • One of the best approach with WR2.


  • Limited poking game.
  • Mediocre lows.
  • Unsafe offense for the most part.

Recommended for players who like:

  • High damage output chars.
  • Unique powerup character.

Written by Fergus!

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