TEKKEN 7 – Asuka Kazama

Useful T7 Info:

Asuka Kazama

Difficulty – Easy

Asuka is an extremely defensive CH oriented character in T7. She is quite strong at keeping her opponent at a distance with her ranged mids and lows. This makes it hard for the opponent to approach Asuka with her plethora of keepout tools and to top this off, Asuka has one of the game’s best and easiest whiff punisher with f2 to punish any whiffs at a huge range. Once the opponent makes it through Asuka’s keepout, they’ll find themselves struggling to get hits on her due to her having the best panic moves in the game; including a safe i14 CH launcher that low crushes early, a safe evasive move and her reversals, as well as being a relatively safe character overall. Asuka’s offense is decent at best, the main idea behind it is “mental frame advantage”, meaning that she’s very good at making the opponent second guess their turn to attack. While Asuka bullies the opponent down with her amazing jab strings and upclose pokes, they have to challenge her eventually and with her strong anti-button tools, they can pay the price dearly for it. She has some of the game’s best mid launchers, both on normal hit and CH. Her okizeme has been buffed a lot in T7 from TTT2, gaining access to an extremely strong grounded hitting move with her Rage Drive and a mid unblockable. However, Asuka does have one of the worst WS punishment in the game as her fastest launcher is i19 from WS, so it’s encouraged to try and read lows with her and crush them as opposed to blocking them. Her jab punish is the worst i10 punish in the game meaning it can be hard for Asuka to steal the lifelead back from her opponent if they play safely.


  • One of the best whiff punishers in the game.
  • Strong okizeme.
  • Best arsenal of panic moves.
  • Strong keepout.
  • Big arsenal of safe mid launchers and CH launchers.
  • Strong CH game.


  • Worst jab punish.
  • One of the worst WS punishers.
  • Struggles vs defensive players.

Recommended for players who like:

  • Defensive characters.
  • Strong and unique oki.
  • Easy and effective characters.

Written by Fergus!

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