Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Walkthrough and Full Achievement Guide (Band of Bastards DLC)

So you’ve also been looking for a quality guide on the Band of Bastards DLC, only to find naught? Do you want to unlock the various achievements in this DLC but when you Google them you only get lost in the quagmire of partially and unintelligible notes strewn over the net? Good! I found myself in the same predicament and decided to write a comprehensive guide on the Band of Bastards DLC. In here you can find everything, from a step-by-step walkthrough, a reference for achievements, and a lore section on the different characters. All neatly packed and bundled in one package with pictures.

Band of Bastards DLC Walkthrough and 100% Achievement Guide


Band of Bastards is the third DLC launched for Kingdom Come: Deliverance. In it you are tasked by your liege lord the roam the Bohemian countryside with a bunch of mercenaries, to spread peace and order in a realm that is ravaged by war and filled with cutthroats, thieves and brigands.

To begin the quest you will need to have completed Baptism by Fire. Sometime afterwards you’ll get a prompt that you can see Sir Radzig regarding these dangers lurking on the provincial roads. Go see him at his usual residence in Pirkstein Castle (or if he’s in his battle camp: near Merhojed).

He’ll tell you how he doesn’t have enough men to keep the roads safe, however, he did recently meet up with an old acquaintance — Sir Kuno of Rychwald — and his mercenary band consisting mainly of former convicts. All capable men, they just need a guide to keep them from becoming too disorderly. Seems like you’re the right guy for the right job, so head out to the mercenary camp that is located between Rattay and Ledetchko.

Warning! Guide contains some spoilers.

Band of Bastards

Band of Bastards is the overarching quest for this DLC that provides the framework for five smaller, separate, side-quests. The progression of the quest is as follows:

  1. Go to Kuno’s encampment.
  2. Prove you’ve got what it takes by beating Dangler in combat.
  3. Ride out on the first mission. Kuno wants to leave during daylight → Bad Blood.
  4. Meet with Kuno in the encampment.
  5. Ride out one the second mission → Uninvited Guests.
  6. Meet with Kuno in the encampment.
  7. Ride out one the third mission → A Tight Spot.
  8. Meet with Kuno in the encampment.
  9. Ask about Jakey at the Inn in the Glade → Thirty Pieces.
  10. Meet with Kuno in the encampment.
  11. Ride against Hagen Zoul! → What Price Honour?
  12. Report to Sir Radzig.

The beginning and end

The first objective is to Go to Kuno’s encampment. Not to difficult, just head out of Rattay, cross the river at the Mill, take the first or the second road to the left and after a short while you should see Sir Kuno’s tents. Approach the encampment and a cutscene starts.

Heinrich approaches The Stone but doesn’t seem able to get too much out of him. Luckily, Jakey comes to the rescue and leads him across camp, introducing Heinrich to the Bearman brothers, Petr and Jan, and eventually The Chief. However, Sir Kuno doesn’t like taking dead weight so first Harold Heinrich has to prove his mettle against Dangler.

Proving what you’ve got by beating Dangler isn’t as hard as it sounds. Just keep your guard up and hit hit him a couple of times and he should yield. Make sure not to give him time to get a Master Strike at you, or you might loose. If you do, just talk to Sir Kuno again for a rematch against the Dangler. Once you beat him you can talk to the people around camp or go on a mission by talking to Sir Kuno.

Be sure to finish any outstanding business (such as the Ring of Bacchus business) before the last mission. Whereas your companions are marked essential during most of the Band of Bastards quest they can die during the last mission. Also: if all your companions get incapacitated during any mission the Band of Bastards quest will fail and you have to reload.

Quest Overview

You can earn a total of seven achievements. Two are associated with the Ring of Bacchus game and the other five are quest-related. Two of the achievement Pinky Promise and Torturer are mutually exclusive.

Achievement Overview

Chivalrous Soul

  • Persuade Kuno to attack the mill right away.

Hints: During the 2nd mission (Uninvited Guests) the company is approached by a refugee from an ongoing attack. Sir Kuno wants to wait till the attackers are drunk. For the achievement you need to convince him to attack right away (speech 7 or charisma 10).

Game Over

  • The Ring of Bacchus made its way back to its original owner.

Hints: Just play through all stages of the Ring of Bacchus activity. After giving someone the ring rest for two or three hours and another contender should call for you. Repeat this with several companions and the achievement will eventually unlock.

Lost Trinket

  • You’re not the only one playing the Ring of Bacchus game, so watch out for the others!

Hints: Instead of directly giving the ring to one of the players in the Ring of Bacchus game, keep the ring and go to sleep in Sir Kuno’s camp. Once you wake up (around 7 am) the ring is gone and you get the achievement.

Mercenary’s Honour

  • Arouse the mercenary’s sense of honour.

Hints: During the 5th mission (What Price Honour?) you will need to convince Sir Kuno (speech check 7) to stand and fight. Do so and to get the achievement.

Pinky Promise

  • Keep your word at any cost.

Exlusive: Yes (with Torturer).

Hints: In the 4th mission (Thirty Pieces) you get the to interrogate Jakey. At a certain point you should be get an option to persuade Jakey do not pick that option instead answer “I’ll untie you” and the achievement will unlock after the dialogue. Note: you cannot unlock this together with Torturer anymore. They’re 100% exclusive now, so make a save before interrogating Jakey.


  • Leave Jakey to consider the error of his ways.

Exlusive: Yes (with Pinky Promise).

Hints: In the 4th mission (Thirty Pieces) you get the to interrogate Jakey. At a certain point you should be get an option to persuade Jakey do not pick that option instead answer “You don’t want to talk? Alright.” Return after a day and the achievement will unlock after the dialogue. Note: you cannot unlock this together with Pinky Promise anymore. They’re 100% exclusive now, so make a save before interrogating Jakey.


  • Track down the raiders who attacked the mill.

Hints: When you ride out with the band on your 1st mission (Bad Blood) you will come across an attacked farm (I’m quite sure there’s no mill there). Investigate the goings-on and head into the forest. Eventually you should find the raiders’ hideout. Once you do the achievement unlocks.

Quest: Bad Blood

Achievement: Tracker (missable)

  1. Follow Kuno and his band.
  2. Search the burnt-out farm.
  3. (Optional) Try and find traces of the attackers.
  4. (Optional) Track the raiders.
  5. (Optional) Deal with the raiders.
  6. Tell Kuno what you’ve found.
  7. Report to Sir Radzig.

Once you’re done cavorting around camp, go and talk with Sir Kuno again and tell him you’re ready to go on patrol and the quest Bad Blood should start. You’ll automatically ride out with the band and’ll find yourself in the countryside between Samopesh and Merhojed.

On the move with the Band of Bastards

There’s not a whole lot you can do here except roam the countryside with the horse train and listen to the banter of your mercenary friends while enjoying the countryside. Eventually, the band will come across a burned down farm between Merhojed and the Inn in the Glade. The train stops, and you’re prompted to search for clues and traces of the attackers.

You can search around for clues by examining different places, objects and people but not much will come from it. Also watch how some mercenaries seem more interested in the loot people carry than in investigating who’s behind the attack. Once you’ve had enough head into the hovel that’s located towards the forest-side of the farm. Go inside and open the first door to your right. In the pantry you’ll see blood-besmirched oil lamp shining it’s light on a blue shield with a note attached to it.

The hovel with the note

Grab the shield and note, read them, and report to Sir Kuno. He’ll want to send you off to Sir Radzig immediately, but hold on for now—especially if you want the Tracker achievement. Tell him you still want to investigate who’s done this. Head into the meadow towards the east (heading towards the Inn in the Glade) and you should see Stephan Fletching skulking through the wheats. Approach him and ask if he’s found anything.

Heinrich asks Stephan if he’s seen anything

Turns out he has. He sees tracks of two riders, a dozen or so foot-folk with heavy burdens, and someone who’s losing a lot of blood. They went towards the sun at dawn (east). Investigate the little bothy at the eastern forest edge, there should be a dead horse right next to it. Go inside the forest there and you should see a faint pathway leading you through the forest. Along it’s course you’ll find various goods the raiders dropped: apples, bloodies clothing, barrels, more blood and offal.

Eventually you’ll end up at a clearing with seven or eight raiders. Approach a little and the Tracker achievement should unlock. Deal with them as you wish and afterwards go and report to Sir Radzig to finish the quest. He doesn’t seem to surprised, and tells you the story of him and House of Zoan. After giving you the order to return to Sir Kuno and take care of Hagen of Zoan for him the quest concludes.

Position of the dead horse and the raider camp

Quest: Uninvited Guests

Achievement: Chivalrous Soul (missable)

  1. Ride out on the second mission.
  2. Mount an attack on the mill with Kuno.
  3. (Optional) Talk to the members of Kuno’s band.
  4. (Optional) Finish of the drunks at the farm.

Once you’ve reported to Sir Radzig, return to the camp and talk with Sir Kuno when you’re ready to go on another mission. This’ll start Uninvited Guests and you’ll automatically ride out with the band and find yourself doing a night patrol in the countryside near Uzhitz.

The company of bastards rides out towards Uzhitz

The Band of Bastards on patrol through Talmberg forest

All seems good and well until you leave the Talmberg Forest to make lodgings for the night at Uzhitz. The company gets approached by a lantern-wielding damsel-in-distress from a nearby mill. She relates that all the men fled when raiders approached. Now the brigands are having their way with the local stores of liquor and they will undoubtedly do god-knows-what with the women who remained behind at the mill.

Menage à trois under the starry night

She begs Sir Kuno to launch an attack immediately, however The Chief (always the master tactician) advises caution and would much rather attack the mill when the marauders have had their fair share (and more) of drink. You can either agree, or you can attempt to persuade (speech check 7) or bluff (charisma check 10) Sir Kuno to mount an immediate counter-attack—doing either of the latter will unlock Chivalrous Soul.

Chivalrous Soul

If you did press Sir Kuno into attacking immediately (and got the Chivalrous Soul achievement), you will rush straight at the mill in the pitch black of night.

It sure is dark going on a night raid

Get ready for some tough resistance, because you will encounter a dozen or so enemy soldiers. And while the members of your outfit can’t permanently die, it is possible to fail the quest if all of them get incapacitated. Kill the resistance and after doing so (all your knocked out friends will get up) it’s time for some rest and relaxation.

Unfortunately for Jan and Petr all the women seem to have fled, so that means you’ll have to entertain yourself. You’ll get prompted to Talk to the members of Kuno’s band. You can challenge Jan to a brawl, play dice against Stephan (for three items), or share a story with the other lads at the tables — with a well – deserved pint that is. Don’t go looting bodies now, because there’s only a limited time to cavort with the lads. You can still loot afterwards.

Play some dice with Stephan at the mill

When fighting Jan, you can challenge him to an additional wager (200 Groschen). Seeing how he seems to be a degenerate gambler (among others) he really likes the idea. When playing dice against Stephan, you’ll be able to play for three items — which you can only win as long as he’s at the mill — a shield with the Rychwald coat-of-arms, a jupon with charisma 19, and a hat with charisma 20. You’ll have to wager 400 Groschen each time.

Once you put Stephan out of business, head out to the table with Sir Kuno, Jakey and Dangler. Sit and share a story or three and sing shanties afterwards.

Seven tankards of ale and a bottle of spirits on the wall

Come to you senses at morning and collect whatever loot you wish, then return to Sir Kuno’s camp.

Not-so-Chivalrous Soul

Choosing the less sensitive option (for the plight of medieval women) means the company waits until dawn to mount it’s attack. The time should skip ahead automatically for the band to wait until the raiders at the mill got good and wasted.

The Band of Bastards launches it’s dawn raid

You’ll launch your raid at dawn and immediately notice how the resistance seems to be lackluster at best—Sir Kuno was sure right about his goulash. After you mopped up whatever petty resistance you’ve encountered the company is ready for some rest and relaxation. However, not before you mopped up whatever drunken filth is remaining around the mill. There’s four of them lying passed out on the floor and shouldn’t prove too difficult to find.

Location of the four passed out brigands and Henry putting them to the steel

Once again you’ll get prompted to Talk to the members of Kuno’s band. You can challenge Jan to a brawl, play dice against Stephan (for three unique items), or share a story with the other lads at the table. Wait with looting the corpses if you want to spend some quality time with the band because you’re on a timer.

Return to the camp afterwards.

Quest: A Tight Spot

Achievements: none

  1. Ride out on the third mission.
  2. Fight your way out of there with Kuno and the others!
  3. Talk to Kuno.

When you’re back at the camp approach Sir Kuno. He’ll tell you Jakey heard some news in the Ledetchko tavern about a band of unfamiliar horsemen skulking through the Sasau area — could be Hagen Zoul’s or just the guard train of a wealthy merchant — anyway it’s off thataway for your third mission.

The band rides out towards Sasau

Seems like quite the uneventful patrol though. Because it’s Jakey’s mission he’s sent out to scout ahead and look for a suitable site to make camp. Meanwhile the company is enjoying the countryside, singing carols, and generally having a good time. What could possibly go wrong on a day like this, right?

The company is enjoying the sun on a lush hillside sward

Well, turns out quite a lot. Because when crossing a river ford you get ambushed. Arrows are flying everywhere—good thing those bandit archers are having the aim of an Imperial Stormtrooper—and the horses bolt away. You’re definitely in a tight spot now, so get ready to defend yourself! The battle plan is pretty simple for this one: kill everything that stands in your way. Time to get that war hammer swinging!

I would call this a tight spot indeed

Remember that second mission in Skalitz (Run!), this one is kinda like that only now you get to actually kill some raider scum. There is about a score of enemies to take care of so get some buffs up and help your companions out as much as you can. Press onto the ledge and go left following the path deeper into the woods. Take care of any resistance and meet up in a clearing in the woods. Seems Jakey is missing, curious. Anyhow, it’s time for a tactical retreat. That means back to camp.

Battle plan for the ambush in A Tight Spot

Quest: Thirty Pieces

Achievements: Pinky Promise, Torturer (missable)

  1. Ask about Jakey at the Inn in the Glade.
  2. Track down Jakey, beginning at the northern edge of the woods.
  3. Find out what happened to Maria, the merchant Ernest’s daughter.
  4. Question Jakey.
  5. Tell Ernest what happened to Maria.

When you return to the camp from the ambush, everybody seems to have made it back in one piece. Everbody, except Jakey of course. He’s still in hiding — curiously Jakey’s horse Lucifer is still seen around camp, even though he rode off on her — but Sir Kuno happens to know exactly where he is hiding. Jakey is drinking away his thirty pieces of silver at the Inn on the Meadow or something like that. Sir Kuno asks you to find Jakey and press him for information, while the company goes on patrol, without you (they sure know how to make you feel unwanted).

The Alehouse Maid at the Inn in the Glade

So of with you to the Inn in the Glade! Seems like Jakey isn’t on the premise anymore, so approach the maid (Andrew, the proprietor, had met an untimely death in my playthrough) and ask her if she’s seen Jakey. Short answer? Yes. Long answer? 150 Groschen or a speech check level 1. Turns out he met quite a lovely lass named Maria—daughter of a travelling merchant—and was last seen going towards the southern forest with her.

Turn south from the Inn and at the forest’s edge you should see the hapless merchant, loaded wagon ready to go, calling for his daughter. Speak to him and he’ll tell you he found her scarf hanging just inside the forest. When you press him on why he’s not off searching for his daughter in the forest, he’ll tell you this is not the first time she wanders of with a stranger and she always came back! Oh, and he’s really in a hurry to go on to Sternberg and afraid he’ll gets robbed if he leaves his carriage (I suppose that explains why he didn’t leave his wain at the Inn).

Heinrich’s path from merchant and wain towards to lover’s camp

Be a good Christian (or ask for money) and tell him you’ll search for his lovely Maria — it isn’t as if you weren’t going to do so anyhow. Head into the forest behind the cart and you’ll notice her scarf. Press on for about 20 yards and you’ll see the lovebirds had a nice rock-side dinner with two tankards of ale. Head to south-east and you’d see more evidence of the romantic meeting: a blue bruoch on the ground, a flask of wine hanging from a tree, a garland against a tree, and eventually an orange undergarment against a sandy bluff. Look along the bluff from here and you should see the lovers’ camp.

Make sure to drink a Saviour Schnapps before speaking to Jakey if you want both the Torturer and the Pinky Promise achievements. Now for either achievement none of your choices matter until you see a speech check option. So go on and interrogate the rat. First though, he’ll mention how he ended up where he did.

Heinrich interrogating Jakey

Seems like Jakey got himself a bit in a pickle as he’s bound to a tree and Maria is nowhere to be seen. She hit him with a rock and ran with his money (if you pickpocket him, he still has a couple of Groschen on him—worst thief ever). Good riddance for him. Now to the matter at hand. Jakey will tell you that he got threatened by Hagen and his men and that they later offered a significant amount of coin to snitch on his companions. Seeing hows he was treated really bad in camp and never even got half a Groschen from Kuno he decided to sell out.

Ask Jakey about Hagen and it seems like Jakey is ready to speak, however, he firsts wants you to untie him and promise to let him go if he tells you all about Hagen Zoul. As soon as you see the speech check, you got four options. Ask him “Why did you snitch?” for another rant on Sir Kuno. For the Torturer achievement choose “You don’t want to talk? Alright.” and leave him be for a day. Return and he’s ready to spill the beans without further ado, unlocking Torturer.

I know that some guides on the internet will tell you that you can also get Pinky Promise with the Torturer achievement but… you can’t (anymore at least). I tried all options and it won’t unlock along Torturer. Your only sensible option after letting him rot for a day is “You can go” and it does not lead to the Pinky Promise achievement. The other options are “Not a chance” and “I’ll untie you and take you to jail” that’ll both end dialogue immediatly.

Jakey asks Heinrich to pinky promise to let him go

For the Pinky Promise achievement instead, don’t go for the speech check (“I understand. Kuno’s a swine”) but choose “I’ll untie you”. He tells you the same story as with the other options: Hagen plans on raiding Samopesh—in person nonetheless—and torch the whole village. Since you kept your word, however, he’ll give you a bit of extra information. Jakey told Hagen how Sir Kuno was fed up with being Sir Radzig’s errand boy and Hagen is planning on bribing Sir Kuno to switch sides against Sir Radzig. Now that’s quite some intel! And you got the Pinky Promise achievement to show for it.

Now head out of the forest again and tell Merchant Ernest what his precious Maria did. He doesn’t seem to surprised to hear she stole some poor lad’s money, he just really wants to know what happened to Maria. Tell him once again you don’t know, and he doesn’t seem so worried and anxious anymore — he seems rather… p-ssed. Guess there’s another fellow feeling robbed.

Merchant Ernest really wants to know where the money… eh where his little princess is

Quest: What Price Honour?

Achievement: Mercenary’s Honour (missable)

  1. Ride against Hagen Zoul!
  2. Defeat Hagen’s men.
  3. Beat Hagen Zoul.
  4. Report to Sir Radzig.

Return to camp and report to Sir Kuno that you found Jakey. You will proceed to tell him that an attack on Samopesh, lead by Sir Hagen himself, is imminent. Tell him what you want about how you handled Jakey. If you left him alive, Sir Kuno will give you a scolding no matter what.

If you promised Jakey to let him go if he told you everything, Heinrich will press Sir Kuno about his backtalking against Sir Radzig. The Chief will assure Heinrich that he won’t turn his back on his lord. This will also lead to an extra option during the battle ahead, in which Heinrich can remind Sir Kuno of what he promised.

The company rides out against Sir Hagen Zoul

And so the company departs for Samopesh. On the hills near Merhojed, however, they’re greeted by Sir Hagen’s war band and they’re here to parley. Watch the scene unfold an eventually you’ll be left to deal with the situation. You can either persuade (speech check 7), bribe (15.000 Groschen), or—if you spared Jakey—remind Sir Kuno of his earlier promise. Alternatively, you can tell Sir Kuno to go as a traitor, in which case he’ll accept the Sir Hagen’s offer and rides off.

The company approaches Sir Hagen Zoul’s war band

Sir Kuno of Rychwald

If you (successfully) persuaded Sir Kuno you’ll get the Mercenary’s Honour achievement. However, whether you persuaded, bribed or reminded Sir Kuno, the rest plays out the same and your party will attack Sir Hagen’s outfit. It’s a pretty even battle, so just get your buffs up and rush into the fray. The endings for the DLC differ slightly on the outcome of the battle but not much. Be sure to loot Sir Hagen for some nice custom armour and pick up his sword and shield from the battlefield.

The company is ready to do some buttkicking for goodness and to chew bubblegum—if only there was bubblegum in mediaeval Bohemia

Sir Kuno the Traitor

If you somehow failed to convince Sir Kuno, however, not all is lost. Heinrich will challenge Sir Hagen to single combat, which our robber baron is bound to accept. Sir Hagen can be a tough opponent, riposting your attack and landing master strike after master strike so press him hard and counter him good and the battle should be yours. You can either spare his life or kill him, but if you do the latter his cronies will attack you.

Sir Kuno wishes Heinrich good luck… he’ll sure need it

No matter the path you choose and no matter the outcome, after all is done return to Sir Radzig for your report and get your well-earned reward.

Activities: The Ring of Bacchus

After Hermann Heinrich beat Dangler, you can go around camp and get acquainted with everybody. Approach Jakey and he’ll tell you that The Stone is looking for you on that ring business. Inform about this ring business and he’ll explain that they have a sort of game in camp that centers around the Ring of Bacchus—a worthless bauble—but whoever has it gets drink and food on Sir Kuno’s expense whenever they’re at an inn or tavern.

There is two achievements connected to the Ring of Bacchus (Lost Trinket and Game Over). It’s best collect them as soon as possible (you can even do so before heading out on your first mission), but if you want you can take your leisure in completing it in between quests. Eventually Jakey should leave camp, but he’s not essential for the achievements. He does give a hint here and there though.

To progress through the Game of Bacchus just wait 2-3 hours after you delivered the ring and a new challenger should call for your attention. Deliver and repeat untill the last challenger and you’ll get the Game Over achievement. The Lost Trinket achievement, however, is quite easy to miss.

Lost Trinket achievement

Getting the Lost Trinket achievement is quite easy, however, it’s also very easy to miss. Once you got the Ring of Bacchus in your possession make sure to keep it. Don’t return it to whoever asked you to get it. Wait till it’s evening and go to sleep in the camp (all beds are owned so make sure the rest is already sleeping or they’ll kick you out). Sleep till 6 or 7 am and once you wake up you’ll notice the ring is gone and the achievement is yours.

Don’t reload, because there is a small quest associated with the missing ring, which will get the ring back in your possession. After doing so you can still complete the Game Over achievement. The would-be thief did not only take the ring, but he also slipped a note containing a Mysterious poem in your inventory. Go on and read the note, and the hideous poem in it:

Truly no one is outstanding without me, nor fortunate; I embrace all those whose hearts ask for me. He who goes without me goes about in the company of death; and he who bears me will remain lucky for ever. But I stand lower than earth and higher than heaven.

Obviously, our culprit is a man of letters. If only Sir Kuno had such a man in his outfit. Go and ask the others and they’ll either tell you they all run away from a monastery or that the culprit must be you. Now go ask the strong silent type. If you’ve completed the first mission, you probably noticed The Stone standing over the victims in prayer. Turns out he is our runaway missionary. He won’t give you the ring unless you solve the riddle though, and failing to do so means no ring.

The answer to the riddle is Humility.

Game Over achievement

1. Ask The Stone about the Ring of Bacchus

Go to The Stone and tell him you’ve heard about the game and want to help him out. He’ll point you to the Dangler as the current owner of the ring. You can pickpocket the ring from him, but it’s much more honourable to challenge him to a duel. Beat him and deliver the ring to The Stone and watch the quality conversation between the two of you progress. For a reward he’ll hand you the book Silence is Golden and Other Myths IV.

2. Take the Ring of Bacchus to Stephan

Seems like you are a very popular fellow in the Game of Bacchus, if only Heinrich would think of keeping the ring for himself. Oh well, wait a couple or three hours after handing The Stone the ring and Stephan Fletching will call you. Approach and he’ll tell you he knows you got the ring from Dangler to The Stone and he wants your help in getting the ring.

You can tell him you don’t want to steal, or tell him you’re okay to help. Both options lead to the Fletch telling you he wants to get the ring when The Stone is sleeping only… The Stone doesn’t sleep like his namesake. If only you could get Stephan a Lullaby Potion.

For a Lullaby Potion you’ll need oil, poppy, herb paris and thistle

Get Stephan the potion and get 100 Groschen for a reward. Once again wait a couple of hours (Stephan wants to steal the ring during the night, but the activity progresses as though he immediately got it in his possession) and the next participant will call you.

3. Take the Ring of Bacchus to Jan Bearman

After giving the ring to Stephan Jan Bearman will approach you and ask you to get the ring for him—he warns you though that Fletch doesn’t have it on him. Go to Stephan and ask him to give you the ring back. Yeah, not a chance in hell, but he’ll give you a riddle:

Find the dead standing among the living, and turn your eyes heavenwards!

Great, thanks for nothing! If Jakey is in camp you can ask him for more information. The information comes at a price (20 Groschen), or you need to pass a charisma check (level 7). He’ll tell you the ring is in a kestrel’s nest. You can see the (partly dead) tree when standing on the mount near the camp and looking north (towards Ledetchko).

Look north from the mount you can see the tree with the kestrel’s nest

Go to the tree and shoot the nest out (it’ll fall in tall grass and can clip through the ground so pay attention to where it falls). Get the ring to Jan to claim your 120 Groschen reward.

4. Take the Ring of Bacchus to Petr Bearman

The next contender in the game is Petr Bearman, he wants you to get the ring from his brother Jan, saying it’s best to just “pinch” it from him. Either pickpocket the ring directly from Jan, or fail an intimidation check (level 20), which will get Jan to brawl you (and earn you a reputation loss to boot).

Winning a brawl from Jan will get you the ring

After you’re done return to Petr and get 150 Groschen for the trouble.

5. Take the Ring of Bacchus to Sir Kuno

This time it’s The Chief who approaches you. Instead of raising moral the Ring of Bacchus now has the mercenaries going at each others throats so Sir Kuno wants to end the game once and for all. However, he can’t get the ring back himself, so do him a favour and get it for him, okay?

Sir Kuno wants a word with the player

Go to Petr and he’ll throw in a riddle for free (seriously is this a roving band of minstrels or why’s every single member a frickin’ poet sh-tting in verse):

  • Steeples guard the fields in a line, on one of them a cross you’ll find. Off you go from east to west. Find the steeple, that’s your test.

Not to hard isn’t it? Just gotta find steeples going from east the west and one with a cross on top. Look around the camp and you should find rows of hay drying poles. Find the one going east to west and the last one should have the cross-shaped wooden frame sticking out.

Hay drying racks going from east to west

If you don’t feel like searching you can also wager him over a game of dice. Once you got the ring in your possession head over to Sir Kuno, he won’t give you a well-deserved ice-cold ale, but he’ll hand you the book Hercules and His Diet IV. You also just unlocked Game Over.

Lore: Sir Kuno of Rychwald

“If you can turn your hand to something, you’ll never be lost”, — Sir Kuno.

Sir Kuno of Rychwald called “The Chief” by his mercenaries is the last baron of the House of Rychwald. When his house became impoverished he took to being a mercenary. He is the leader of the Band of Bastards and has a debt with Sir Radzig. Because of that debt he welcomes Hermann Heinrich into the party.

Sir Radzig calls him an entertaining companion who has his own particular approach to certain matters. However, he cautions that Sir Kuno every now and then needs reminding not to step over the line. Sir Kuno’s also not fancy on bowing and curtsying—and other such tomfoolery.

Sir Kuno in full battle gear

House of Rychwald

When asked about the fate of his house, Sir Kuno responds that it’s because his father was a fool and his mother mad as a bat. The house’s name came from Rychwald Castle, which actually belonged to the Convent of the Poor Clares in Teinitz and was only leased by Sir Kuno’s father.

His father was very much in love with the Abbess of the convent in Teinitz and took a lot of interest in Scripture as Sir Kuno puts it. This drove his mother, who already had weak nerves, to despair. One frosty December morning she put the torch to the tower, stables and farms of the castle, all the while laughing madly.

Sir Kuno and his sister managed to get out of the flames, his father and brother did not. Totally destitute, his cousin (Adam of Drewitsch) took them in. Not much later Adam offered to buy the remainder of the Rychwald estates, and sell Sir Kuno a small fortress near Rakovnik instead. When he told his sister, however, she decided she would join his cousin in holy matrimony and take the estates with her as dowry.

Sir Kuno resisted, but was thrown out of Drewitsch and left to fend for himself.

Friendship with Sir Radzig Kobyla

Sir Kuno’s debt to Sir Radzig goes all the way back to a feud between the House of Schallenberg and the Town of Kolin over some trade dispute. Sir Kuno was fighting for Schallenberg in the feud. When the two sides sued for peace Sir Kuno was sent to parley for Schallenberg. On his way to Kolin he stopped at a roadside inn and met Sir Radzig and the two struck it off right from the beginning. The next morning both rode of to Kolin together.

However, once they reached the city Sir Kuno was immediately jailed, because the burghers wanted revenge for the six month of siege he had given them. Sir Radzig happened to represent the King’s interests in the peace talks (Kolin being a royal city). A couple of days later he heard there’d been an agreement between House of Schallenberg and the Town of Kolin, and part of it was that Sir Kuno would be put to death.

Sir Radzig had taken a liking with Sir Kuno though, and he squared things with the Kolin City Council, and hence Sir Kuno owns Sir Radzig his life.

He rides Hereward, a grey-white horse with white manes, and dressed with a grey-and-white chequered rear caparison.

Lore: Dangler

“I’ve never ridden with a better man, I can tell you”, — Sir Kuno.

Dangler. His real name is Damian. He is the band’s scout. He got his nickname because Sir Kuno found him with a noose around his neck.

He used to be the squire of Lord of Buzitz – a right honourable knight. When his liege was killed his captors tied him with a noose around his neck to a shaky wooden cross and left him to die. When Sir Kuno cut him down he was as dead as a rock, but after someone gave him a kick he coughed and came back to life.

Dangler telling Heinrich how he got his nickname

Sir Kuno describes him as an upright fellow—a better man he’s never ridden with. Nothing escapes him and he makes a fine scout. Even when the band is parleying he’s able to smell deceit beforehand and saved the Chief numerous times from a blade in the back.

While talking with Sir Kuno about the band Dangler will suggest they could recruit 2 or 3 more people. They could use another archer, a healer that can actually talk, and replacements for the Bearmen. He offers to go to Kuttenberg next, because the silver miners there are hard as nails, who might rather crush heads for silver instead of ore.

Dangler rides Sisyphus, a chestnut horse with cream manes.

Lore: The Bearman Brothers

“But… nobody’s perfect”, — Sir Kuno.

The Bearman brothers are Petr and Jan. They are merciless as a bear, loyal to a fault. They’ll obey just as they’re told to do. The brothers been fighting since they were old enough to carry swords.

Generally they are two lively fellow that are always in for a laugh. You shouldn’t get on their bad side though or there’ll be hell to pay. However, they can’t really stand the booze too good, and when they’re full there is no holding them. But, as Sir Kuno says, nobody’s perfect.

Jan Bearman reminiscing against Heinrich

Jan is quite the joker and will tell Heinrich that he and Petr are so close because they share the same mother—them being orphans that means none at all. A band of mercenaries found the both of them playing in the dirt and their leader decided to take them in. The mercenaries raised the brothers like their own, swords and ale in hand. The kind mercenary leader eventually took the dirt nap in Saxony and the Bearman brothers went their own way.

Petr Bearman tells his story to Heinrich

Before they joined the Band of Bastards they rode with a Lombardian named Collini all over the region of Bavaria and Austria. Jan’ll tell you that they decided to come back to Bohemia because noone there understood a word they were saying—and that ain’t worth a d-mn. When you talk to Petr (who’s more the strong silent type) he’ll tell you, however, that they had to leave in a hurry because Jan stole the Lombardian’s coin and then lost it all on a wager.

Dangler and Sir Kuno can be overheard talking about the brothers. The Chief suggests they next go to Brandenburg because, allegedly, the Bearman Brothers can to collect some outstanding debts there. Dangler calls this bluff and suggests they probably want to leave Bohemia because they’re the ones who most likely owe a pile of coin. Furthermore, he reckons, they’ll all probably wake up one day and find the brothers gone without saying so much as a goodbye.

Jan rides Madame B, a chestnut horse with cream manes. His brother Petr rides Dogbreath, a dark grey horse with black manes.

Lore: Stephan Fletching

“Our fletch does love to converse”, — Sir Kuno.

Stephan isn’t your typical sell-sword—he dresses in flamboyant colours and prefers bow and arrows over raw strength. He’s also the camp’s dice player and can usually be found around the board. When asked about his past Stephan is a closed book, insisting that Sir Kuno swore him to silence. Curiously, Sir Kuno says he’s not at liberty to discuss Stephan’s past.

Stephan Fletching sitting at the dice table

All Stephan’ll say is he used to live in a town and did something totally different, or well perhaps not so different, for a living back then. Sir Kuno calls him a very resourceful fellow that has a knack to be in the right place at the right time.

Stephan rides Swindler, a dark grey horse with black manes.

Lore: The Stone

“Well, a man who can do that is a man you want on your side, so we kept him”, — Sir Kuno.

The executioner’s dog cut out his tongue, because of that he isn’t the most talkative of companions. He’s known to be exceptionally strong and can even take on the Bearman brothers. In a conversation with Sir Kuno the Dangler also seems to imply that he’s the band’s healer.

The Stone on one of his more talkative days

When asked how he joined the band, Sir Kuno replies that he just sorta tagged along. They met The Stone with some fellow wayfarers on the road from Olomouc to a castle past Kladsko. They continued to travel alongside each other as there’s safety in numbers, but The Stone never said a word to anyone. One-by-one the fellow wayfarers dropped off, some at Mohelnitz, others at Schoenberg, the rest at Kladsko, but The Stone stayed.

When the band approached Barzdorf, Sir Kuno ordered the others to get rid of him. Stephan tried to tell him nicely, but he just sat there staring like he was turned to stone—hence the nickname. Then the Bearman brothers tried with forse, but The Stone booted Jan in the face and felled Petr with a single punch. Seeing his obvious strength Sir Kuno decided to keep The Stone on—and after all—if he can’t talk he can’t tell.

The Stone rides Hoch, a grey horse with white manges.

Lore: Jakey

“Jakey? That boy will be the death of me”, — Sir Kuno.

Jakey always eager to please. He is the youngest addition in Sir Kuno’s outfit. The others seem to bully him around quite a bit though even though Sir Kuno has taken a liking to him. Unlike the others, he says, Jakey seems like a good lad, reminding him of himself. The boy needs a firm hand though, or he’ll become a third Bearman.

Jakey tells Heinrich about the Ring of Bacchus

As a baby Jakey was found in a Prague church by a priest if St. Apollinaire. He grew up an orphan, spending half his childhood in parish houses and the other half on the street. He eventually became a baker’s hand in Prague, but got bullied around because of his low heritage. They’d call him names and even beat him up occasionally. To get some coin he’d end up playing a fool’s act in the local tavern. Sometimes the rich gents would throw half a Groschen his way.

Jakey’s also the one who’ll tell Heinrich about the game with the Ring of Bacchus, which is a game the band plays involving a worthless ring. Whoever is its proprietor gets free drinks and food from The Chief whenever the band is at an inn or tavern. Jakey’s not allowed to participate in the game, because he’s too young to drink according to the others.

He also seems to be positively afraid of the Bearman brothers, especially when they’re drunk. He isn’t too thrilled to ride with the band, saying it’s worse than the bakery because his life’s on the line. He’ll also mention that he thinks Sir Radzig might’ve done unwisely by calling upon a mercenary’s honour to provide services for free.

Neither is Jakey very fond of Sir Kuno. He thinks The Chief is just as much of a swine as any highwayman, he just pretends to be an angel of mercy. If they player get’s into Jakey’s good graces, he will confide that Sir Kuno was openly defying Sir Radzig when Heinrich was not around, saying it was not the first time he’s worked for Hetman Kobyla for free.

Jakey rides Lucifer, a grey horse with black manes.

Lore: House of Zoul

The House of Zoul was a proud and noble house. In the first year of King Wenceslas’ reign Sir Radzig was called upon by the King to resolve a dispute between the House of Zoul and a neighbouring house, when the Zouls refused to accept the ruling of the Land Court in a land dispute.

The Royal Court meanwhile had decided to make an example out of the House of Zoul, because the King’s reign was still new and frail. Because the Land Court’s power stemmed from the King, the Zouls where in essence defying the King and had the be punished, harshly. The family head was hanged, their castle razed to the ground and their property was confiscated—thus in one swift turn impoverishing and crippling the entire House of Zoul.

The King, however, took less and less interest in daily matters, making Sir Radzig his Hetman (Hauptman) and leaving him to deal with the repercussions. For one, rather than eliminating resistance to the crown, the dealings with House of Zoul had created another marauding robber baron in the realm. Besides, the opposing side in the dispute was (unbeknownst to young Sir Radzig) distantly related to him—hence, making the draconian measures seem like serving his self-interest.

Sir Hagen Zoul

After Sir Hagen’s father was hanged and his House’s property taken, Sir Hagen went on to become a disinherited robber baron. Roving the realm with his subjects in search of a living. Eventually, he took to being a mercenary company for hire and as such he’s recently been fighting in the Margraviate Wars in Moravia. Sir Hagen en Sir Kuno are acquainted as they fought on the same side during the Siege of Lancenbach. He’d eventually come back to Bohemia to swear revenge for his family’s misfortunes.

Sir Hagen Zoul with his marauding war band

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