Kingdom Come: Deliverance – Pieces of The Queen of Sheba Sword Locations

Outlined are the five locations for each of the pieces of the The Queen of Sheba Sword.

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In order to start this quest you have to speak with the swordsmith in Sasau and it will begin your search for the five pieces of the sword. It is, however, possible to obtain these pieces before you begin the quest.

Here are the locations I have found so far:

  1. Swordsmith in Rattay (in upstairs chest, next to the stairs).
  2. Blacksmith Zach in Sasau (can pickpocket it).
  3. Pickman of Skalitz in Rattay (complete the Aquarius quest and speak with him afterwards; I believe you must choose him as one of the water / poopie carriers).
  4. Blacksmith in Ledetchko (buy it).
  5. Blacksmith in Talmberg (it’s in his house, with is the house directly east of the tanner – the screenshot below shows the location; it’s in the second room on the left on top of a barrel).

Written by Mountain Blade

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