Dark Souls 3 – All Coal Locations List (How to Find)

This guide contains all coal locations in Dark Souls 3 for infusing.

How to Find All Coal Locations


  • Farron: For infusing Heavy gems, sharp and poison.
  • Sages: Crystal, blessed and deap.
  • Profaned: Blood, dark and hallow.
  • Giants: Chaos, lightning and simple.

Farron Coal

Two ways of finding this area:

  • Near the watchers bonfire.
  • Farron door through the pond like area.

Go down the pathway and you’ll see:

Kill it and progress.

Open the door:

Black knight will be guarding the coal.

Either kill him or run past.

Collect the coal from the corpse

Sages Coal

Found in a tower near the farron swamp.

Run towards the back left.

Pick it up the corpse inside:

Giants Coal

Head over towards:

Run up the stairs near the knights.

Take the door to the left at the top.

Then go through towards the next door with the giant.

A giant will be holding the Giants coal in his hand.


Head down the elevator shortcut if you have it.

Past the archdragon peak summon place.

Head down into the dungeon.

It’s in one of the open rooms with the weird slug wall monsters on a corpse.


FireLink shrine

Talk to the blacksmith and click “Give coal”.

Select the coal and now you’re good.

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