Killing Floor 2 – Poundemonium Guide

Please note: All credit goes to Mc Steerr!

A guide, about the new weekly challenge.

Which Perks to Use

Of course, because in most of the game, you’ll have to deal with fleshpounds, you can’t use any perk, because some perks are just not that good against larger zeds, they can be sometimes viable, but i would not recommend, some of them. The list you can see below is a list i made, on which perks i think are stronger in this gamemode.

Heavily Recommended


  • Good at tanking the Quarterpounds.
  • Deals good damage.
  • Can be used as a decoy, when things get rough for the team.


  • Can heal teammates (Which is heavily needed for the berserker).
  • Healing grenades provide great sustain for the team.


  • High damage, deals with the quarterpounds really fast.
  • Area damage, can rapidly lower the number of zeds.



  • Provides ammo for the team, which is really helpful at times.
  • Good as a frontline for the damage dealers.
  • Deals a decent amount of damage.


  • Can deal with the thrash zeds, so the demolitionist and the berserker can focus on the
  • Microwave gun can deal a decent amount of damage on the quarterpounds.


  • Can deal a good amount of damage, however it’s not as reliable as the other damaging

Recommended Maps

These maps, are more open giving your team more space to move, and run away from the fleshpounds, because it is really easy to get overwhelmed and cornered in stressful situations.

  • Nuked
  • Outpost
  • Black Forest

I recommend, using more open maps, so you won’t get cornered, remember that even though, these are just quarter pounds, they still have more hp than other zeds, and can do significant damage.

Viable Team Comps

There are more ways you can approach, this weekly challenge and there isn’t just only team comp that can work.

These are some team comps that can work very well, if given the right teammates, and circumstances.

Team #1

  • Berserkes
  • Medic
  • Support
  • Support
  • Demolitionist
  • Demolitionist

Note: This was the composition i found most succesful in my games.

Team #2

  • Berserker
  • Medic
  • Firebug
  • Support
  • Demolitionist
  • Sharpshooter

Note: This team composition gives a good variety in playstyles and with a coordinated team, can do

Team #3

  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Berserker
  • Medic
  • Medic
  • Medic

Note: I have seen this comp in many different games, mostly used by premade teams, i don’t think
it’s that viable, but some people prefer this composition very much.

These are the most commonly used, and pretty succesfull team composition i have seen yet, keep in mind this still can change, as players discover more succesfull comopositions.


Strategies are pretty straight forward, teams should focus mainly on the quarterpounds, however for the boss i found two viable strategy.

First Strategy

This one is a slower strategy, but out of the two it is probably the safer one, even though this has a high probability of failing too. In this strategy the berserker and the medic, try to keep the King Fleshpoun occupied, while the damage dealers try to clean the quarterpounds, this takes really good individual play, because if somebody dies during this strategy, it can be a major setback, so i recommend doing this with friends.

Second Strategy

I would say this strategy is more riskier, but i found more success with this one, when i played with randoms. In this strategy the players kite the King Fleshpound and only kill those quarterpounds that are necessary to be killed (Because they block the kiting route, or stand before the main target) this strategy is way easier to execute with player that you don’t know, because the team doesn’t have to split, this still takes a good amount of teamwork, so a good team is necessary for this strategy too.

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