Colony Survival – How to Get Started, Challanges, Hardmode & More

Do you wish to learn how to get started, grow, and do so without failing?

Your First Few Days


There is a trick to starting in Colony Survival and especially if you play on 24/7 mode and/or 2x zombies mode.

No zombies will attack you before you have a banner and a colonist. SO FARM, farm some materials, build a base/house.

Build something fairly defendable before you start populating your colony.


  • Once we have a defendable base in order place down 2x 10*10 wheat fields.
  • When the wheat is ready for harvesting place an owen and recruit a baker.
  • once you reach 250 food again (good secure number) go ahead and recruit a guad by maker and placing a quiver if you are playing on a harder mode, if not then you can decide if you want one or if you want to start mining.
  • From here on out you’ll be fine testing around, if you want more info simply watch the video tutorial I made above.

Tips and Tricks

General tips

  • I usually build my second Owen (Baker) when I have 8x Wheat fields (otherwise they just stand there half the time and do nothing but waste food).
  • You get more wheat seeds from harvesting wheat or digging up grass.
  • If the location is secure from monsters, place a workers bed next to their job.
  • When placing things like workbench, owen, furnace, shop etc: Place a crate 2 blocks away from it. This way the worker can stand in between and literally just turn around to reach the crate.
  • Don’t place guards high up in the air, place them so they can shoot the most monsters (stop with the high guard towers).

Hardmode tips (monsters during day and double monsters):

  • This is the order I get workers: Wheat, Wheat, Baker, Bowman, Smelter, Crafter, Wheat, Miner (Iron).
    That way you get your food up and running quickly, then you place a guard and start working to get automatic arrow production.
  • I then recommend that you keep building food so you are always 100% sure that you have enough food to sustain your guards. 

How to Get Started Video Guide

Written by Fred / Znits.

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