Killing Floor 2 – Guide to Biolapse Collectibles Locations

Please note: all credit goes to (VGW)Delta*CZ*!

In this guide you can find some location of collectibles in Biolapse.

Collectible Locations in Biolapse


As much as I’d love to say first, second etc location I cannot. I’ll give you short description of each place and screen right under it.

And let’s state something. I call this collectible Fetus. Anything similar is fetus too.

Please keep in mind I used these command to make these screenshots:

  • EnableCheats
  • OpentraderMenu
  • God
  • Imrich
  • Uberammo
  • Fly
  • Ghost

Spawn Point

There are two collectibles in this area.

Right in front of you, there are stairs that goes from both right and left sides. Take the left stairs and look down at the reception. First collectible should be there.

Another location is at left elevator. If my direction confuse you, just look at the photo and think about it for a bit.

Office Area

Or that’s what i like to call it. It’s an area where you spawn and there are tables with some fancy chairs in front of you. I happened to find three collectibles there.

First one is on left Zed spawn (left hall). It’s right behind the door. If my direction confuse you, look at the elevators and think again.

Second one is the right side of the office behind a table. You shouldn’t miss this one as it’s very visible and shining.

Third and last one is on the special area with that round thing in the middle of that room. From when you enter the room, take counter-clockwise turn around it and you should find it.

Lab Area

This is yet another big roundy thing in the middle of the room area. The only thing I noticed that could help if you’re blind is that on the right side of the room is cryo chamber where zeds are cosplaying popsicles.

First one right at the trader. What should I say more?

Go on the far right side of the room and to the hall named “RESEARCH”. There you’ll find the second one.

Under the table no 3 if you count from trader. It’s no 1 if you count from RESEARCH. Just go as much forward as you can until you see three tables in line.

Fetus Holo Room

You’ll find Fetus Holo right in front of the elevators. Or if you blind af, there a giant Octopus thingy behind the glass.

Left hall

Go down the stairs trader arrow shows you, then turn right and look at locker on the left.

Trap Door Room

Those trap doors are down the room (there are two of them k?)

Go to the right stairs (from elevator) and below them there are tons of barrels. Somewhere there you can see the fetus.

Blood Blender Area

No descriptions for the room. You must be blind if you don’t know what I’m talking about.

Right side of trader.

Go to the pusher and look at the right drop off point for… ehm… body parts? I dunno what that sh*t is.

This one is well well well hidden. It’s visible just a little. Look at the edge of conveyor and wall of that conduit. Or use RPG. Both are good.

I Dunno

Area with entrapped zeds in the middle. It’s square! I don’t know anymore.

Look for hall called “Testing”.

It’s there! On the right side! You cannot miss this big sign saying HORZINE. You cannot

Lab Area 2.0

This are has something in middle, boxes all around and some computers on the right side (you have to take stairs to get there).

Left hall.

Left front corner of the room. Next to boxes.

Lab Area 3.0

Now you tell me why are there so many labs?

This labs has some weird tubes with zeds in it. The room next to it has some surgery stuff.

Straight past trader. Behind the first tube.

From elevator go to right side to hall where zeds spawn. Boom another one.

Boss Room

On the light from boss’ side.

In the boss’ hall.

Metro Area

There is one location in metro area.

On the trader pod side of the map facing the tunnel blocked by boxes from where the train came from, there is a collectible hidden there.

Fun Fetus

Go and enable cheats. Enable ghost and fly (and go to boss’ hall, take some stairs) and go to his office. Don’t worry, if you go there after he spawns, he won’t be after you.

Right at the place i am pointing my gun there is fetus that can be obtained only through cheating

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