Borderlands 3 – Completely AFK Purple Gun Farm Guide (Zane Works)

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Turn this farm on when you leave the house for any reason! Just let it run and the game will poop out purple weapons for you to find. This also required the Seein Dead Class mod from the Moxxi’s Handsome Jackpot DLC.

Jabbermogwai AFK Zane Farm Guide

Now keep in mind this farm is not for legendaries(it only spawns the same 3 and nothing else). But this farm will spit out tons of purple weapons and items. This is not the best farm in the game, BUT you can complete this farm while completely AFK. Meaning you can go to the store and set this up, go to work and set this up, etc. Come home and have tons of rare good purples waiting for you!

There are tons of good purple in this game that vary by parts and anointment, purple’s basically never have a dedicated drop like legendaries, so you’re just gonna have to find them while playing.. Or while not playing.

Required Gear

  • Seein Dead Class Mod – As many points in donnybrook as possible. We’re using clone damage to power this.
  • Fire Infinity – We’re giving this to the clone. He fires this fast and non stop. It will help trigger seein dead enough times to keep himself alive. No anointment is necessary.
  • Cryo Recurring Hex Grenade – you can try this with lesser variants, but I can only guarantee it works with this one. The cryo is also necessary to multiply the Jabbermogwai
  • Messy Breakup Shield – This isn’t required, but it’s a cool addition that could help.
  • Loaded Dice! – Once again not required, but why not wear loaded dice while AFK?

This is all the gear required! Now make sure you read the next part in depth. There is some important info for setting this up correctly.

How to Set This Up

Head to the Jabbermogwai Location on Eden 6 in Voracious Canopy.

You’ll want to be in Mayhem 3. This is the perfect level for the clone to be able to kill the jabber over and over. Tip: Save/Quit until you get “+25% Action Skill Damage”. This isn’t necessary but can be better if you’ll be AFK for a short period of time. For longer farms, loot should despawn eventually anyway, so this isn’t necessary if you’re headed to work for example.

There are only a few skills that are actually important. Good Misfortune, Borrowed Time, Donnybrook, Boom Enhance, Double Barrel, Drone Delivery.

The drone winter augment, rocket pods, and drone delivery + cryo hex grenades will give you the most triggers possible on the seein dead class mod + good misfortune combo, it will also multiply the Jabber’s with the cryo. So make sure you are using these exact gear and skill trees.

You want to look at the jabber hut, and look to the left. There is a small mountain you will be able to stand on and position your clone. Basically hop on the jabber hut, then turn left (as if you are facing the hut) then there is a small ledge you can jump on. This is where you will put your clone. Now keep in mind finding the positioning on here for your clone is kind of tricky. In certain areas he will get blocked by the tree and it will ruin the farm. You want to be almost as far down as possible, while looking directly in the middle area. Make sure you stand exactly where you want your clone to end up, then swap. If your clone can’t swap to the area you’re standing in, then you aren’t in the right spot. Mess around with these positioning parts and make sure you do this part right, otherwise the farm won’t work.

Here is exactly where you want to stand. Now what you need to do first is, shoot the jabber a bit with any cryo weapon, multiply him to get it started. Then try to draw the jabber’s into the area you see in the picture. As dead center possible is the best. Once you draw them in, quickly climb up the mountain like you see in the image, once you are high enough there is a spot that is out of bounds for them and they will stop trying to attack you. Then make sure you look exactly where you want them to multiply. Zane’s SNTNL goes to where you are looking and basically will attack that spot. Meaning it will target it’s cryo weapons in that spot and will multiply the jabber’s who are in that area. Like I mentioned in the last section, you need to practice positioning yourself, and clone in the right spots. Work on herding the Jabber’s into the right area, and then look into the right area. All of this combined makes the farm work. If it’s not working keep practicing positioning until it does.

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