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I’m going to try to help you guys with some things i did to get rid of the lag and stuttering i had on the game! It was gamebreaking, but now, i can play on bery high settings without any problem!

The Solution

So, you have some performance and stuttering issues? Do you have the minimum (and prob the recommended) requeriments for the game? Turning the camera lags, entering maps lags, exiting maps lags, seeing your horses charging and attacking lags, seeing arrows hit targets lag, WHY IT LAGS?

I have some strange things to make it work, well, not all that strange, but it do solved my problem and arent much common to do, well lets get started.

First, i din’t change any setting from the game, in performance its all on very high, desktop resolution, vsync is set to full, windowsed fullscreen and … well, i did change the Resolution Scale to 50, saved, and then bring back to 100, soo… try that?

Okay, now the fun part, i changed some settings on the vanilla game executable (not the launcher) to do that, go to the game folder (just go to the game settings here on steam and explore the folder), go to the bin folder and the bin_64 folder.

Mine is like this: *steamappscommonMount & Blade II BannerlordbinWin64_Shipping_Client

There, go to the Bannerlord.exe , go into properties , compatibility and change these settings:

  • Run on windows 7 compatibility mode;
  • Disable fullscreen optimization;
  • Execute as admin;

And last, change the high DPI settings:

Unmark Program DPI if its turned on and on the bottom of the page Override DPI Settings, turn that on and select application.
Tap ok, save, close, all done.

Now enjoy your game without any lags, well, still the first time you open the game and get into a fight or enter a place, when the game loads a texture or model for the first time it will do a stutter, but just that time, in another words, long play times will have less stuttering because all will be arealy loaded.

Edited: Also i forgot to say, please go to settings, performance inside bannerlord and turn down Texture Streaming Budget to very low, it helped a lot!

Misc Solutions

These are some misc things you can do (that i use) and now just for warbanner but all games.

First, disable NVIDIA shadowplay, i mean it, bannerlord dont like to share ram with it and many games have some kind of problem with it, or you can completly remove geForce experience.

Second, maybe your ram or the game ram optimization is poor, so we need to clear the trash it leaves on your memory. Get Intelligent standby list cleaner ISLC from wagnardsoft, this guy made some amazing programs to help people with performance issues and this is another of his tools, get it, open it everytime you want to play a bad performance game (that have stuttering) and after openned, just tap START and let it running, it will do wonders, dont change any setting it will clean for you.

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