DOOM Eternal – Weapon and Weekly Challenge Rush Guide

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Weapon / Weekly challenges Rush

Here are the best spot to farm super fast the weapons and weekly challenges that require specific enemies. If a spot is not at the start of a stage, you will need to reach a specific checkpoint in the stage which will then allow you to reload again and again the checkpoint to kill right away the type of enemy the proper way on each reloads. Note that cheats are allowed for all challenges except the Slayer Gates. Remember to make sure to have a blood punch ready before reaching a checkpoint if you need it for a challenge requirement. The number in parantheses indicate the number of demons of that type available at the checkpoint.

Mass kill challenges, like killing plenty of fodder demons or blood punching a bunch of frozen demons—Cultist Base, ignore the revenant, kill the mob on the right then reload.

Fastest place for Heavy Demons regardless of type—Super Gore Nest.

Heavy Demons

Arachnotron (2)—Super Gore Nest, kill the 2 Arachnotron then reload.

Cacodemon (3)—Exultia, kill the 3 Cacos then reload.

Carcass (2)—Super Gore Nest, note that just getting there will allow you to kill about 5 Carcass, each reloads here will have 1 mancubus and 2 carcass.

Cyber Mancubus (2)—Nevrakol, don’t kill the cacodemon to be able to reload from the start.

Dread Knight (2)—Super Gore Nest, kill the pinkie, then do some wall jumping, in the next area (2nd image), there are two Dread Knights, if you kill all enmies except the zombies, the checkpoint will update.

Hell Knight (1)—Exultia, kill the knight then reload.

Mancubus (3)—Super Gore Nest, kill the 3 Mancubus then reload.

Pain Elemental (1)—Nevrakol part II, kill the elemental, then reload.

Prowler (∞)—Super Gore Nest, (infinite respawn thanks to Buff Totem).

Pinky (1 or 2)—Super Gore Nest, kill the pinky then reload, alternatively, go in the next area with the Dread Knights and Arachnotron, ignore most of them, punch the wall where the 1-up is and there will be a second pinky (see 2nd image), then reload.

Revenant (2)—Cultist Base, ONLY kill the 2 revenants, then reload.

Whiplash (3)—Cultist Base, kill the 3 whiplashs then reload.

Super Heavy Demons

Arch-Vile—Taras Nabad, rush to the archville, then reload.

Baron of Hell—Mars Core, ONLY kill the Baron, then reload.

Doom Hunter—Mars Core, when you kill the Hunter, if there is at least a fodder dermon alive, you can reload the checkpoint.

Marauder—Taras Nabad, don’t kill the cacodemon to be able to reload.

Tyrant—Nevrakol, only kill the Tyrant then reload.

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