Warhammer: Vermintide 2 – Bot Builds for Legend Book Runs and Cataclysm

A fine build wont stop them from walking off cliffs though.


Make sure you use this mod its sanctioned and can be used in official realm. It allows you to get full value out of witch hunt as they now ping elites and the changes to their melee choices are so important.

Necklace, Charm and Trinket

Equip every bot with these.

Health is a no brainer decision in every situation. BCR is superior to stamina if you have enough shields to push. Barkskin is extremely valuable on bots as they can take so much more punishment when they jank out and just stand in things such as poison gas, troll bile or bash their heads against warpfire throwers.

Attack speed helps in all situations. Power vs infantry is the main enemy type during hordes as well as various specials and also maulers. The trait in charms doesn’t matter for bots as they don’t use them.

Crit chance allows them to pierce armour with light attacks and output more dps in general. Stamina recovery increases their survivability and allows them to push more often. Substitute either with curse resistance when going for book runs. Yet again the trait doesn’t matter here as bots don’t use bombs.


Mercenary: XSword + Repeater Handgun.

  • Drillmaster gives him the most consistent temp hp as he can even farm in skaven hordes.
  • The More The Merrier is the best choice in this row, the power boost will not only increase damage but also cleave.
  • Smiter or Mainstay both work here but I’ve seen better results with Smiter.
  • Strike Together is a really strong supporting ability for a bot to give your whole team.
  • Blade Barrier allows him to hit trade better into hordes and take more damage in general.
  • Walk it Off will prevent teammates from ever going down in rough situations, giving him a conc pot through proxy will increase your chances of survival through moments such as patrols or bosses.

XSwords high damage and cleave pair well with mercs high thp regen and damage reduction offsetting the poor mobility the weapon has.

Repeater Handguns ammo capacity gives him room to shoot ambient enemies and still have spare to snipe specials when he decides to. Handgun is fine here but bots do tend to waste shots on ambients a lot.

Witch Hunter Captain

Witch Hunter Captain: Rapier + Crossbow.

  • Walking Judgement grants the most consistent thp and is great for rapier.
  • Flense increases overall dps a ton and is much more consistent than Deathknell considering the bots shaky headshot rate.
  • Assassin grants a 40% increase for melee crit/headshots. This has huge synergy with rapiers easy headshot attacks and WHC’s high crit chance.
  • Wild Fervour increases the teams crit chance by 5% which is a fantastic support ability for him to have. Also has great synergy with his insta kill passive.
  • Cast Away will proc a lot as bots push a lot. 40% stamina regen will help keep his stamina high.
  • The Unending Hunt grants more uptime for his cc ult which also means more team ranged/melee crit chance.

The Rapiers fast base attack speed and low block cost makes it an extremely safe and powerful weapon in WHC’s hands. It also has great mobility and dodge range.

Crossbow provides a strong special sniping ability from long range and the pierce of the bolts means he can get good value when he shoots into hordes. Conservative Shooter grants good ammo regen as bots tend to be decent at landing ranged headshots.


Unchained: Flail + Fireball Staff.

  • Reckless Rampage provides more consistent temp hp with the flail than Soul Quench.
  • Frenzied Flame gives a huge boost to attack speed and outranks everything else on offer.
  • Enhanced Power improves damage for her staff and dots as well as her melee. Bulwark is a fine alternative if you want her to support a bit more.
  • Dissipate grants a load of BCR which also vents her a ton which can make her survive crazy situations.
  • Natural Talent lowers the chance of her overheating.
  • Bomb Balm is a no brainer choice, it provides a huge temp hp boost to the whole team and the other choices are very underwhelming.

Flaming Flail is a very strong safe weapon. It staggers everything except bosses and outputs a ton of damage.

The fireball staff has no move slow when charging which Sienna bot does all the time. This means she doesn’t constantly fall behind the team putting herself in vulnerable situations.


Ironbreaker: Dual Hammers + Crossbow.

  • Rock-Breaker provides much more temp hp than its alternative with dual hammers. Taking Hearthguard is also a fine choice for heal share since ironbreaker bot is very good at not taking damage. Choose your preference.
  • Blood of Grimnir is fantastic for bots since they always stick close to the team.
  • Bulwark works best here and also lets him support the team more with the 10% damage debuff.
  • Gromril Curse can help him get revives off and also can allow him to save himself from specials such as gutter runners or packmasters.
  • Dawi Defiance can help Bardin survive incredibly rough situations.
  • Drengbarazi Oath is taken here over Booming Taunt to lower the risk of him alerting patrols with his ult.

Dual Hammers are extremely safe with their insane horde clear potential and stagger. Also not having a bad armour piercing charged attack on top.

Crossbow provides a strong special sniping ability from long range and the strong pierce of the bolts means he can get good value when he shoots into hordes. Conservative Shooter grants good ammo regen as bots tend be decent at landing ranged headshots.


Although all these bots are equipped with special killing weapons with the exception of Sienna, it’s always your job to prioritise them. Specials are so important because they destroy bots ai. For example if a gas rat throws both globes all your bots want to do is walk over and melee it despite what danger it puts them or if a gunner starts shooting they will walk away and shut down, sometimes even letting mobs hit them or they might even think the safest place to flee to is off a cliff. They aren’t really good at dealing with any special in the game so just make sure you keep on top of them.

During bosses the bots will tunnel vision him so it’s your job to take care of any trash mobs or horde that’s approaching or just play a career that can destroy bosses such as Bounty Hunter or Shade.

I haven’t listed a Kerillian bot as i feel she doesn’t provide as many advantages than the others.

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