Kingdoms and Castles – Early Game Flow

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Castle Installation

First set up a Keep.
Although the location of the keep can be anywhere, close to the forest is better because to construct future houses and farms, you need trees for wood.

Consider access to the quarry to start cutting stone afterwards.
Since iron is used after you have developed to a certain extent, you do not have to think much about iron. As long as its not super far away, you are good. Closer is still beter.
The white rock is a quarry, the brown rock is iron, and the black rock is a simple obstacle.

Installation of Roads, Houses, Farms and Logging of Trees

Since buildings can only be installed in the area of 3 squares from the road, first make a road and set up a hovel or two along that.
Buildings do not necessarily need to be adjacent to the road, but happiness decreases if houses are not adjacent to the road.
Also, even if the house is isolated, the happiness will be lowered, so it is better to install it next to it.
Farms can only be set on green land. Dark green is a fertile land with bonus to harvest.
Since the first materials are exhausted quickly, cut down nearby trees and increase the population a bit while securing timber.

Installation of a Quarry

Once resources are gathered to some extent, a quarry is set up to secure stone.
This will allow you to build up buildings that need stones.
Up to two quarry plots can be installed for one gray rock.
Also, if you make it adjacent to a house, it will lower happiness

Installation of a Well and a Charcoal Maker

The well supplies water.
Happiness will decrease if there are no wells near the house.
It will also be scattered throughout the map as it will also be a source of water to fight fires.
A charcoal maker makes charcoal from wood.
Happiness will decrease if there is no charcoal supply in the house.
If you place a charcoal maker next to a house, it will produce smoke and lower your happiness.

Installation of Granary and Material Storehouse

Food and materials can be stocked in the castle, but the amount is limited.
When it gets overflowing, install a granary and stockpile as necessary.
Produced food are first reserved in the granary.

Each house has a household head and the house’s supplies are gone, they go to the granary or market. Market has higher priority.
Therefore, if the distance between the house and the granary / market is too long, replenishment will not be completed in time and hunger will occur.
The annual balance of ingredients can be confirmed by pop-up from the bottom of the screen.

Set up Treasury

Tax collecting is possible by installing treasurt.
This will allow you to set up buildings that require gold.
The tax rate can be adjusted between 0 and 3.
When money does not accumulate, it is better to review expenditure rather than raise income.
You can see the annual balance of money by pop-up from the bottom of the screen.

Development of the City

Churches , libraries and taverns increase the happiness of residents.
The plaza attracts new residents by holding festivals.
The hospital restores the disease.
The wharf can be diverted to the site of the building by reclaiming the waterside.

The orchard cannot be flooded with rain. However, production is higher in the farm.
The windmill raises the efficiency of the farms next to it. There is no similar effect in orchards.
Bakery makes bread. You can make 4 bread from one food and one charcoal. It seems to be useful for making thousands of urban populations because it is thin at the beginning but can cut down farmland and make it a residential building.
The market functions as a relay point between the house and the granary.
Levi image grows trees around. Helps if you cut down too many trees or need more..

The forestry should be built before clearing a forest, as the trees can be regenerated.
Mines mine iron.
The blacksmith processes the iron along with charcoal and makes armor or tools. Weapons can be used to train soldiers, tools can be used for efficiency in a quarry, mine, or forestry. It is possible to choose whether to make armor or tools. In addition, the use of tools can be selected from the information column at the bottom of the screen.
The mason restores the damaged wall.
Rock removal removes black rocks. Quarry and mine can also be removed so it can be broken according to supply and demand.

Stone Gate does not let vikings through, only citizens.
The wall blocks the intruder. Ogre will destroy the wall but must first land and therefore aim for the wall. Long-term surrounding around the coastline to prevent the landing itself is a good stratagy.

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