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Terraria - How to Beat Green Slime

Written by SylvanNight   /   Jun 24, 2020    

This is a clear guide on how to beat a deadly monster, the slime green. 

Guide to Defeat Green Slime

The Basics

Do you want to take out a Green Slime? Well, that's noble but almost impossible.

What is that look in your eyes? You think you can do it? Well, I'll help you with this guide.

First, you need to learn how to make a character.

Here are the rules you must uphold to even make a character that is remotely good enough to fight a Gweem Slime.

  • Flail on your keyboard for the name, very important.
  • All characters should look like Ichary Verkins. Don't know who it is? Look it up. If you can't find it it's your fault.
  • Make sure your character smells like a Gwum Slime, it might sense you otherwise.


You must move to move, and I mean in real life. You must take your keyboard and move it to move. You need to press a key though.

Umm, oh found it! Here are the controls.

  • W - Right
  • D - Down
  • - Up
  • S - Left

I lost the rest of them, just click stuff and it might work. Don't blame me if you're not understanding the controls. After all my time in this game, I still can't figure them out.

Strategy to Kill The Green Slime

Alright, you made it this far, hope you know what you're doing on controls; if you don't, that's fine you're just infected with Noobitice. don't touch me it's contagious.

Anyways here are the well thought out plan that you must follow exactly with no mistakes otherwise the Green Slin will hack your pain account.

  1. If you see a green slime, freeze. It might not see you.
  2. If it sees you, run away.
  3. If running is not an option, take an emergency hammer. Hit your computer many times until it is visibly crying.
  4. Collect exactly 27 stone, the use for this will be explained later.
  5. Make an NPC house for the guide, make sure it is located 6 feet under.
  6. Throw away your copper shortsword, it's the weakest weapon in the game.
  7. Find and harvest as much copper as possible, this will be important.
  8. Head underground and find a giant worm. These things are rather small, you might miss it.
  9. Collect 300 minerals and expand.
  10. Take your copper and throw it at the giant worm. In return, the worm will give you a copper shortsword. You are now armed with the strongest weapon in the game.
  11. Collect the giant bat soul and fly to the upper floor. You need to beat the Mr Mime that hides up there.
  12. When that Mime is begging for mercy, finish it and plunge your copper shortsword in Mr Mime's face. The sword will glow if you're worthy.
  13. Take your OP sword and face that Green Slime. I will list its attacks bellow.

Green Slime, Possible Attacks

  • The slime will burrow and send 1-15000 bananas in your general direction. Spin in circles to dodge this.
  • The slime will take a unicorn and eat it. If it eats it, it will be healed to full. The way to stop this is to eat the unicorn first.
  • The slime will launch 2000 lasers in your direction. Your copper shortsword can reflect these. Do not reflect them at the slime or it will duplicate.
  • The slime will fly at you at the speed of light. React and jump out of the way.
  • The slime will attempt to divide by zero. To dodge this, take the limit as it approaches zero.
  • The slime will triple jump into a massive fireball. Trip the slime as its jumping to stop this.

Those are all the attacks this slime can preform. You now know how to beat a green slime!

Written by SylvanNight.

Game:   Terraria